#AMALAYER, instant twitter trend

After being caught on camera by Gregory Paulo Llamoso for her rudeness towards a lady guard in LRT Santolan station this lady who was identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa became an instant online celebrity, but unfortunately not in a good way.

Online outrage on Twitter and Facebook came after her video became viral showing how she shouted and seemingly humiliates a lady guard.

And because of this, her “Am I Liar?” rant became instant twitter trend on Twitter Philippines with the hashtag #AMALAYER.

Different people voiced out their opinions and sentiments towards the actuation of Salvosa. Mostly are against what she did but there are also some supportive of her.

With technology so fast and so accessible nowadays it is really very easy to be put on public spotlight. And people should always remember that every actions we did in public will have high probability of being broadcasted, so we should learn how to behave and be respectful at all times.


6 thoughts on “#AMALAYER, instant twitter trend

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  2. Saw that video 2 days ago and if I was in a bad mood, I probably would have done the same. LOL. She must have been hurt by how the lady guard talked to her in the first place, I dunno. If only another video was recorded. Need both sides.


    • hehehe, agree she might be provoked somehow but the question is, does her reaction equates the provocation? hehehe. i think she became so overboard. i dont think she should resorted to that action even if she’s provoked. in the first place the lady guard is i believe older than her, she should have given her some respect still. whether she’s right she should have acted with respect and humility. πŸ™‚ thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚


  3. ano na kaya update kay amalayer ngayon…. talagang na trending siya hehehe…. balita ko lang magsasampa siya ng kaso sa nag upload ng video…. di ko alam kung totoo….


    • oo nga po, the last i heard ay pinag-iisipan nga po nya yung legal actions. well para saken hindi na dapat, kasi aminado naman sya na nagkamali din sya sa pagsigawsigaw dun sa lady guard eh. and i don’t think there is malice on the part of the person na nag-upload na sirain si amalayer. nainis nga lang talaga siguro sya kasi nakakairita naman talaga yung paenglish-english sa public eh hehehe


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