FBW2012 : The 1st Grand Eyeball

fbw1Fun, Prizes and Learnings, that’s how I can describe last night’s event; The 1st Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Grand Eyeball.

After filling up the registration form and receiving the invite a week ago, last night was the culmination of the event awaited for by the FBW community.

Held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2, the event was a success as I met many bloggers which I can only read and see on Facebook and Twitter then. Together with my friend Francis, we arrived at the event just in time.


Hosted by the ever funny and entertaining Ms. Ness Mercader of The Attagirl and Say It, Nessie and Mr. Franc Ramon of Francramon.com, the night started with the Human Bingo game where we had the chance to talk and interact with fellow bloggers. This game seemed to be an “official blogger event game” as several blogger events I’ve attended before also started with it. And it’s quite fitting because blogging is all about interaction with fellow bloggers, got to know them and eventually becoming friends with them.

Several raffle prizes were given and then followed by a sumptuous dinner. Thanks to ShareTea for the thirst quenching fruit tea.


After enjoying the nice dinner and tea, the host then introduced the guest speaker of the night, no less than Mr. Jason Cruz of jsncruz.com. Although he seemed arrogant when he speaks, (but as he said that’s how he is when he give lectures), he was able to convey sound blogging and social media tips to be an authority and reputable name in the blogging world. And I will always remember and practice all that he shared. The talk ended with a question and answer portion wherein bloggers got to ask him relevant questions in exchange of gifts and giveaways.


More raffle, games and prizes followed after. Thanks to the generous sponsors for the overflowing gifts and giveaways given that night. I’m lucky to have a shirt from Smart Communications, 2 kitchen wares from an anonymous sponsor and Diana Stalder gift pack. Ms. Mai Flores of Budget Biyahera also gave several gifts and giveaways (I think she has the most gifts and giveaways given last night) and most lucky are those who got the prize that I wanted to win but wasn’t able to, the Manny O wines.

Loot bags with Ystilo salon gift packs, Bo’s Coffe coupons, Azta Urban Salon gift cards, Mineral Water by Living Water and several magazines were also given.


It was indeed a fun event worthy of filing a vacation leave from office. Would like to congratulate the admins who put their time and effort for it to push through. We were able to prove that bloggers are not JUST those who write anything online, baut we areย  community and family of online writers who are responsible on what we put on our online space. And for my last piece I just want to say this “Bloggers po Kami, hindi po kami Bloggers Lang”



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