On RH Bill and my allergy with shrimps

RHLawIt was a long waited victory for the supporters and proponents of the controversial Reproductive Health Bill. Last night both houses of the Philippine Congress (Senate and House of Representatives that is) have passed the bill on its 3rd and final reading paving the way for the Bicameral Conference Committee to consolidated both versions of the measure.

With this developments, the main opponents of this bill still don’t want to stop in rallying against it. Some anti-RH legislators have opened an idea of taking it up to the Supreme Court once it has been signed and ratified into law by President Aquino III. It seemed that they are really against giving people a chance to choose the best reproductive health care method they need. And with that I can’t help but compare it with my allergy on crabs and shrimps.

I use to eat crabs and shrimp when I was a kid, but have to admit am really not a big fan of this kind of food as I often experience something in my body whenever I eat them. It was during my early 20’s that I decided to stop devouring in this kind of food as I started to have rashes and swollen lips when I try. Since then until now, I always say no to it whenever I see it served on a dining or buffet table.

My friends also knew this, that is why whenever we go out on a party or gimik they know what food I don’t want to eat. Even though they are still encouraging me, they are not forcing me or imposing on me to try because they know I won’t give in. But on the other, hand, since they know I won’t eat crabs and shrimp, I also don’t force them not to go to a restaurant where seafood are the main dish nor force them not to order crabs and shrimp. If they want to order this kind of dishes then I will just order anything aside from it like fish, pork or chicken. And we can always get along with this kind of set-up smoothly.

Now, what’s the point of me comparing RH Bill with my allergy on shrimps? Well my point is that we can always get along without forcing or imposing something on someone just because we do or do not share the same belief. Just like what Senators Tito Sotto and Bong Revilla revealed, they lost a son and a daughter which they believe was caused by the pills taken by their wives. Well that’s really a sorry loss, but they cannot say and should not force all people not to use contraceptives just because they have that experience. It may have not worked for them but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will not work for others. It’s also good to note that there are no direct findings that the pills caused the death of their children.

RH Bill was conceptualized and pushed to became a law, because we need to give people the chance to choose which family planning method is applicable and best for them especially those who cannot afford. The Catholic Church may have beliefs that contradicts the bill but they should not deprive those with different beliefs the chance to get the reproductive health care services from the government which should be accorded to them. The bill is in no way forcing families and people to use contraceptives and condoms if they don’t want too. Contrary to what the anti-RH people are saying, that it will promote immorality and will degrade our Filipino values, why can’t they see it as a measure that will strengthen and solidify the family because they will now be equipped with proper knowledge in planning their families. The RH Law will not force anyone to change their religious beliefs nor stop the Catholic Church to pastor their flocks, so why be afraid of loosing faithfuls? I think they just need to work hard in their pastoral duties instead of concentrating on rallying against political matters.


“Depriving someone to choose what they like or not is like putting them to slavery wherein the masters always have the right to say.”


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