MMDA’s Bus Segration Scheme

edsatrafficThe solution to the traffic in Metro Manila does not only defend on MMDA or the Goverment, and Bus drivers and Operations but also with the passengers. I have to admit, I am also guilty sometimes of not following some traffic rules and regulations like jay walking and alighting on non-designated unloading areas. But I am really pissed off more to some passengers who don’t just break traffic regulations but are forcing bus drivers to break the rule for their convenience.

Oftentimes I encounter passengers who will alight buses on non-loading areas even though the driver kept on saying that is not the right place to unload passengers. But the poor driver have no choice but to break the rule and give-in to the passenger because that is business and as they say “costumers are always right”.

Now that MMDA have started implementing its Bus Segregation scheme which targets to lower traffic congestion in EDSA by 40%, I hope not only the Bus Operators and drivers are the one who will participate but all of us passengers also. The scheme will not succeed if the riding public will not take it seriously and will continue their old ways of wanting “convenient” journey.

And to help MMDA disseminate information regarding this new traffic scheme here’s the visual illustration of their new Bus Segregation Scheme.

456816_479628842075783_354032910_oBuses are segregated into Bus A, Bus B and Bus C. Bus A are those that will only load and unload on those areas listed on the Red picture and Bus B for the Blue picture. This means that if you are going to Shaw Blvd you should only ply Bus As because those where the only buses that will unload at Shaw Blvd and if you’re bound to Ortigas Ave. then ride Bus B. But there are also Bus C which will stop at all bus stops listed.

I hope people especially the riding public will cooperate with this new scheme. It may be hard are first but I know we will all got use to this set-up and we will reap its benefits in the future. I know that we all want a more convenient ride in EDSA and we can only achieve that through our concerted efforts and cooperation in this kind of projects. Let’s all help in making this project work and contribute to its success, because less traffic in EDSA will mean less stress and less expenses for many businesses.


8 thoughts on “MMDA’s Bus Segration Scheme

    • tama ka. at isa sa cause ng pagiinit ng ulo na yan ay ang traffic. kaya kung masolusyunan ang traffic lahat ng motorista at pasahero malalamig ang ulo 🙂 thanks sa pagbisita.


  1. It’s true the solution to the traffic woes is through our concerted efforts from drivers not hugging too much of the road or cutting other riders, to bus, PUVs and operators following the proper traffic rules and stop times and area and of course, passengers also following the rules.


    • agree it a wholistic approach talaga. di pedeng government lang, di pedeng bus operators and drivers lang, di pedeng passengers lang. dapat lahat makiisa. thanks sir 🙂


    • thanks po. yup indeed, based nga sa study millions of peses yung nawawala dahil lang sa traffic na yan sa EDSA, kaya dapat na talaga sya masolusyunan. and we are needed to make it happen 🙂


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