12 of 2012 : Nite Writer’s Yearender

2012yearender2012 has been a colorful and fruitful year for the country. This is the year when our stock market reached it’s highest record all time, prompting good vibes for future investors. It is also marked by landmark bills and laws that has been passed and passed onto controversies, like the Anti-cyber Crime Law, Sin-Tax Bill, and the controversial Reproductive Health or RH Bill. This is also a momentous year for the government with the signing of the Bangsa Moro Framework Agreement and the success of #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign. Truly this is a great year our country will not forget.

And to give a rundown on People, Events, Controversies and Scandals that mattered and captured my attention this year 2012, here’s my list.

Top People of 2012

1. Renato Corona
Who would have forgot the former Supreme Court Chief Justice who after being impeached last year at the House of Representatives has been convicted this year at the Senate Impeachment Court. Corona earned my top list because of his 44-Day trial which was televised live on free TV that became a daily afternoon habit for many. For several months his name became a buzzword for many Filipinos both Political and Apolitical.
2. Jesse Robredo
A simple, and upright Secretary of DILG, Jesse Robredo became an inspiration in Public Service. His untimely death awakens the public’s interest in good governance.
3. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile
A former Martial Law administrator, who became one of the key persons of EDSA Revolution, Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile shines this year because of his role in the Corona Impeachment Trial. His exemplary and impressive handling of the Corona Impeachment Trial as presiding judge was admirable. Without him the impeachment trial wouldn’t be that orderly.
4. Dolphy
The king of Comedy who is well loved by many Filipino. Many have been inspired by his life and his contributions to the Filipino Pop culture. Dolphy will always be the National Artist in every people’s heart.
5. Sen. Tito Sotto
A staunch critic and opponent of the Reproductive Health Bill, Sotto became a hot figure on social because of his controversial speeches against the said measure. Who would have forgot the Sinotto and Sottocopy trends on Twitter and Facebook, which were all attributed to him.
6. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales
If Erap have Clarissa Ocampo, Renato Corona have Conchita Carpio-Morales. This fiesty and fiery Ombudsman was the key witness on the Corona Trial. Her testimonies played a big role in the conviction of the former Chief Justice. Being a former Associate Justice also of the Supreme Court, Carpio-Morales she was not able to didn’t fear the sharpness and greatness of Lead Defense Counsel Serafin Cuevas.
7. Jessica Sanchez
She may have not became the American Idol, but she earned the title of being the World’s Idol. Being a half Filipino-American, Jessica became a National Pride as she battle it out to become the next American Idol.
8. Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle
After being installed as the new Archbishop of Manila following the retirement of Gaudencio Cardinal Emeritus Rosales, Manila Archibishop Luis Antonio Tagle has been elevated to the position of Cardinal later this year by his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. His election to the college of Cardinals made him one of the youngest and gave him the eligibility to be a contender for the Papal position.
9. Nonito Donaire
Nonito “The Flash” Donaire had a great year this 2012. His great showing in all his fights earned him the Boxer of the Year by ESPN sports. It will be not impossible for him to walk the same path as his idol Manny Pacquiao have traveled.
10. Manny Pacquiao
Many have been sad because of his back to back defeat in boxing. The first was the controversial decision against Timothy Bradley and his round 6 knockout against Juan Manuel Marquez in their 4 fight. It was also highlighted by Mommy Dionesia’s claim that Pacman’s choice to change sect caused him his boxing belts.
11. Janine Tugonon
Just before the world ends (according to Mayans) on Dec 21, a nice christmas gift has been delivered to the Filipinos, another Pinay Beauty have raised high the name of our country, Miss Universe Philippines Janince Tugonon conquered the universe by winning the 1st runner up title in this year’s Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas.
12. Pro-RH and Anti-RH
These 2 groups have been very visible in social media this year. Several bashing and branding has been made because of their separate stands on the issue of Reproductive Health bill.


Top Events/Scandals/Controversies of 2012

1. Corona Impeachment Trial
One of the most followed TV series this year, the Corona Impeachment Trial became a daily dose of drama, action, comedy and legal education to many. With the top caliber defense panel and the lackluster prosecution panel, this Trialserye will go down in history as one of the most celebrated trials in the country. Who would have forgot the sermons of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago to the prosecutors which ended banning one private prosecutor for his covering of ears. The different mystery persons who handed out evidences to the prosecution and the sharpness of the 2 octogenarian players of the trial , Presiding Judge Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile and Lead Defense Counsel Retr’d Justice Serafin Cuevas.
2. Sec. Jesse Robredo plane crash
This incident shocked the whole nation when news that the plane carrying the Secreatary of Interior and Local Government have crashed on the sea of Masbate. Many, especially his friends and family have hoped that he was just carried by the water current to the nearby shore, but days after his dead body was found inside the wrecked plane. His death was mourned by many Filipinos but at the same time his life was celebrated and became inspiration in pushing our leaders to follow his example of humble lifestyle and good public service and governance.
3. Sotto Plagiarism Issue
This has been a widely circulated and very hot topic in social media to the point that the Senator cried cyber bullying because of the tirades he got from Twitter and Facebook. Because of the claims of blogger Sarah Pope that Sotto copied his article which the Senator used for his Turno en Contra speech regarding RH Bill, many netizens have shared their anger, disappointment and also wit over the plagiarism issue. What’s amusing about this, is that Sotto keept on insisting his innocence over the plagiarism charge citing several reasons why he cannot be called a plagiarist. And not only bloggers have stood up against him but also the daughter of former US Senator Robert Kennedy whose speech was translated by Sotto into Tagalog.
4. Death of Dolphy
There were many instances in the past that Dolphy was killed on the cyber space. Several humors have been circulated in the past about his death but none of those were true until this year. Dolphy’s death was also mourned by many Filipinos whom he touched lives through his movies and television programs. It also opened people’s clamor for him to be declared as one of our National Artists for his great contributions in Film and Pop Culture.
5. Wrath of Habagat
That great August rain which submerge different parts of Luzon became a another platform for Pinoy Unity. Social media has became a helpline for rescue efforts. It also prompt government agencies to tap social media in rescue operations and information dissemination regarding futures calamities and tragedies.
6. RH Bill Ratification
The long battle have won. After almost 15 years of being pending at the Philippine Congress, the controversial Reproductive Health Bill has been passed. Although it was challenged by the mighty Catholic Church and the ageing members of the House of Representatives who kept on delaying the measure to be presented for a vote, RH Bill was finally voted upon and passed in the both houses of Congress until it was ratified later this December. Thanks to President Aquino’s move to make it an urgent bill which made it possible for the Senate and House of Representative to finish its ratification and signed into law by the President before they went on the Christmas break.
7. Scarbourough Shoal Dispute and Brady Notes
A long time trading partner, this year China and Philippines had became 2 quarreling nation over ownership of the disputed Scarborough Shoal. Several stand-offs have happened on the disputed area prompting the Philippine government to restrict any economic activity. The dispute also brought another controversy revealed at the Senate Floor. Because of the dispute the Brady Notes have surfaced leading to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s walk-out.
8. Claudine-Tulfo Airport Brawl, Robert Carabuena and Amalayer Scandal
This is the day and age where camera is all over. Almost all mobile phones have camera that’s why it’s very easy to capture a situation unfolding on our very eyes. Who would not remember the NAIA incident between Claudine and Raymart against Mon Tulfo. A phone camera have captured the brawl which easily spread in social media. Another incident caught by camera was the Rober Carabuena and MMDA road rage. This was also circulated in social media which later resulted in Carabuena issuing public apology. And the last before the year ends, the lady who shouted at a lady guard in a LRT station. Paula Jamie Salvosa became and instant celebrity with the monicker of Amalayer. Amalayer became an instant hit, getting several spoofs and parodies in social media.

9. London 2012 Olympics
The hope of Filipinos to have the 1st gold medal may have not achieved but Pinoy Pride was still high at the London 2012 Olympics. All of our athletes did their best despite the little funding and government support they have, and for that it’s just right to give them recognition.
10. San Pedro Calungsod Canonization
Catholic faithful rejoiced and celebrated as Pope Benedict XVI canonized the 2nd Filipino Saint, San Pedro Calungsod. It was another Pinoy Pride moment when the image of Pedro Calungsod was venerated in front of many pilgrims at the St. Peter Square in Vatican along with other newly canonized Catholic Saints. What a great day for the country who is known to be the biggest Catholic nation in Asia.
11. Pacquio-Marquez IV
The biggest shocker in the world of sports specifically boxing. The 8-division world champion who won twice against his great nemesis, has been knock-out cold on the floor. This 4th installment in the Pacquiao-Marquez series has been a hot topic to all sports and boxing fans. Who would have expected that Pacman who have floored many Mexican opponent will be knocked-out by one Mexican with that one lucky punch.
12. Miss Universe 2012
Just before Christmas and before the Mayan prophecy was proven to be wrong, a Pinay Beauty stand proud and conquered the universe by winning the 1st Runner-up title. Miss Universe Philippines 2012 Janine Tugonon, impressed his supporters and detractors as well for her great performance at the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas. Many have thought that she will finally took home the 3rd crown for the Philippines because of her smart and intelligent answer to the final question and answer portion. But fate to become the 3rd Filipina Miss Universe maybe not hers because Miss USA was chosen to wear this year’s crown. But she still made the country proud knowing even Americans favored her to win over their candidate.

2012 maybe a great year, but the work should not stop here. Another year will start and the fruits and gains of this year should be continued forward. Hope the coming year will be another fulfilling year for all of us.


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language.  And next year’s words await another voice.  And to make an end is to make a beginning.”  – T.S. Eliot


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  1. The Corona Impeachment trial was really top draw this year and would also be the ultimate blunder of the year since it was Corona’s own testimony and strategy to invite the ombudsman that got him convicted.


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