Thank You 2012

[]_607cb565-e54c-a944-6950-4f00256ee5802012 has been a very good year for me. So many blessing came to me this year that really overwhelmed me. Many dreams have been realized and many goals have been achieved. That’s is why I’m very thankful to God and to all the people who have helped me in achieving and getting those special things.

When I entered my 29th year, I never expected that most of the things I wished for and dreamed of will be given to me. On the 2nd quarter of this year my goal of giving my family a well deserved vacation and bonding time came through. I am very happy to have my family flew in to Singapore for the very first time. It was really my desire to give our parents a special treat as a token for the 29 years of loving and taking care of us. With the help of my brother and my aunt, we made our Singapore trip the most memorable family bonding of all time, especially that it was the first time of my mother, my brother and our lola to ride an airplane.



Just before the 4th quarter start, another dream came through. My goal of buying the thing that I’ve long worked hard to have was finally made possible. When I started working at the age of 20, one of my ultimate dream is to have my own car. That dream became a goal so I challenged myself that before I enter my 3rd decade in this world I should be riding my own car. And true enough that goal was achieved, Otso came into my life. It may not be the most luxurious and most expensive car in the market, but that is the dream car I already pictured in my head.


Several successes in Blogging and online contests also overwhelmed me this year. Nite Writer entered 4th year with good readership. Very fortunate that at one point Nite Writer entered the Top 15 of Top Blog PH’s ranking for personal blogs. Also fortunate to have won several prizes in different online contests in Facebook and Twitter. This is also the year of blog events as I am fortunate to take part in several blogging activities where I got to meet new blogger friends. And the most important blessings are my recognitions in Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) and Saranggola Blog Awards (SBA).


But the climax of this year really came just right after that goal achieved in Singapore. This blessing really made my 2012 so much meaningful, so much fruitful and so much happy. After being single for quite some time and chasing that elusive love, it then finally came. I’ve finally found someone, who knocks me off my feet, finally found the one who made me feel complete. Wait enough for the singing (hehehe). It was the most touching, the most heart pounding, the most unexplainable feeling I felt and experienced this year. Someone who for the longest time I didn’t see and talk, just pop-out from a Facebook friend request and then became the special girl in my life. All the prizes I’ve won this year could not match the feeling of being in-love and inspired.


This year indeed is really my year. I am humbled by all these blessings and I am so much thankful to all who have been part of making this year a memorable one for me. I pray to God not to be negatively proud of all these and continue to be a blessing to others. And in this coming year, as I enter my 3rd decade, I will claim all the blessings that will be given to me especially that I will be entering a new chapter in my life.

Thank You 2012, Welcome 2013.


8 thoughts on “Thank You 2012

  1. truly a great achievements u got for the year 2012. since u said ur 29, u grew up with a traditional family and live with modernity, kasi nakita ko how u value ur family, na-tatame pa tayo noon, ngayon ang mga bata, goodluck naman! anyway, i am so amazed with ur achievements, will be looking forward for more this year. cheers and happy new year!


    • hehe, happy new year din. thanks sa pagvisit at pagcomment :-).. yup yung generation naten ang pinakamaswerte kasi we get the best of both generations. yung simplicity ng ating kabataan at yung high-tech generation ngayon. 🙂


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