Our Philippines is moving forward

THE PHILIPPINES MOVES FORWARD (HD) from Francisco “Kit” Reyes on Vimeo.

With the back to back record highs of the Philippine Stock Market, the great economic growth evidenced by good rise in the country’s GDP, the upgrades on credit ratings by several credit rating agencies and increase in tourist arrivals, these are just some facts pointing towards Philippines’ vibrant economy in this coming years. There is no doubt that the Philippines is in the positive zone of growth for this year 2013 and beyond. The “Sick man of Asia” is now cured and is ready to conquer again the Asian or even the World economy as it is then.

I find the link of this video on Twitter and after watching it, I can’t help but share and blog about it. This video is very inspiring and really worth it to be shared to every Filipino especially those who are loosing hope about the future of our country.

There is really a bright hope for the Philippines this year and forward. With the government’s efforts to fight corruptions and govern with transparency and accountability, investor confidence is getting really high. And with the ongoing progress and development, it’s really not impossible that the Philippines will be the 5th Tiger of Asia according to one Financial Analyst.

Another inspiring thing about this video is the fact that it’s a news feature from a foreign media company (Asia Business Channel), which means we are really getting foreign attention. And this renewed attention and interest for our country is an opportunity to invite more tourists and move foreign direct investments which will further push our economy to a higher level of growth.

This is really a year of positivity and optimism for our country. Let’s all embrace this hope and contribute to the realization of this potentials. We are our country and we ought to be a part in achieving its goals.


“We are a live museum of how a free democracy builds itself” – Sec. Mon Jimenez Department Of Tourism


2 thoughts on “Our Philippines is moving forward

  1. PSE have indeed made a big jump, I think 6 years ago it was just in the 2,000-3,000 level when I was still actively monitoring the stock market. The Philippine is on the right track.


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