Video of violent Professor caught the ire of netizens

Another Youtube video is getting online attention to many netizens. An angry male professor caught berating his students and physically hurting one of his female student has generated another online buzz.

The professor was said to be a Dean at the Montessori Professional College in Pasay, City according to the video info which was uploaded on Youtube last January 6, 2013 by Annamae Macayan.

After it was shared on Facebook and Twitter, different people shared their sentiments and anger over the professors’ actions.

Luis Asistio III@luisasistioiii
Shame on the #abusadongprof! His license must be remove! No matter how angry or mad you are, you have no right to hurt anyone physically.

Queen @rockstarkwin
Teachers job is to mold, educate and motivate students. #abusadongprof

toni gee@itsmecrazydick
sunugin dapat ng buhay yung abusadong prof na yun nanakit

Rex Ybañez Ay! Hindi ito tama ah. Abusadong prof to! Report nato sa CHED?
Migs Noble Kahit di ko kamag anak yung Student sa pakiramdam ko yung awa dun sa babae…Kahit na ano pa ang pagkakamali nung Student dapat gawin nung Prof I Counselling yung Student at di dapat talakan sa harap ng ibang tao… VERY UNPROFESSIONAL yung PROFESSOR… Tsk tsk tsk
Jacqueline D. Villanueva imbes na cia mag2ru ng tama e , kunq qanyan ba naman anq pRof.wlanq hiya patalsiken na dapat yan .
Eduardo Apinado Walang puwang sa lipunan ang kagaya nya. Hindii magtuturo ng maganda sa mga estudyante ang inugali nya. Dapat ay tangalin sya, kung saan sya nagtuturo at alisan ng kapatan upang magturo. Saludo ako sa mga estudyante na nakikipag laban para sa kanilang karapatan.
Rachel Villahermosa it’s not right to hit a student kahit gaano pa siya kabastos. He should’ve handled things in a professional manner.
I’m not sure if there will still be people who will say that the video is incomplete and that the Prof deserved to be given  benefit of the doubt seeing the reaction of the student being berated and hurt by him. Although it’s also unethical for students to shout at her professor considering his age, it is very uncalled for meanwhile for the professor to physically attack the student. Verbal arguments may be acceptable because of the diversity in ideas and characters of the students, but doing physical harm is a big no. Professors at all times should be the mentor and molder of his/her students. But seeing and having professors like this will only instill fear and anger. He should have brought the students to the proper forum if they’ve done wrong but to bring physical violence to them is really unacceptable. I hope the management of the school will done something about this video.

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