Malacañang honors TOYM awardees of 2012

toymawardee2012At the awarding ceremony this morning, Malacañang through President Benigno S. Aquino III honored 7 individuals who showed exemplary excellence in their respective fields. They are the awardees of this year’s The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for 2012.

The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award is an annual project of the Philippine Junior Chamber of Commerce that recognizes Filipino men and women who have rendered great service to others, exudes excellence and demonstrates leadership and greatness in their fields of endeavor.

Among these year’s awardees were, Emmeline Aglipay for Public Service, Warren Baticados for Veterinary Medicine, Emelio “Chieffy” Caligdong for Sports, Abelardo Apollo David for Community Occupational Rehabilitation, Ivan Anthony  Henares for Heritage Conservation, Rodrigo “Jiggy” Manicad Jr., for Broadcast Journalism and Allan “Apl.D.Ap”  Pineda for Contemporary Music. Em Aglipay was honored for her successful implementation of livelihood programs for the marginalized sector of society, Baticados for helping to improve livestock health and production thus bringing efficiency to the agricultural sector. Chieffy on the otherhand brought pride to our country via his heroic efforts for Philippine Football. Jiggy Manicad was noted for his brave coverage of  events that shaped the landscape of our country, Ivan Henares, a known heritage conservation advocate, for revolutionizing young generations appreciation to our heritage. And Apl.D.Ap for being a proud Pinoy International entertainer who never fails to give back to our country whenever we face great challenge.

In his speech President Aquino said “Beginning today, you are no longer merely private individuals but symbols—symbols that clearly show our countrymen and the rest of the world that the Filipino is world class and that no matter how successful he or she becomes, the Filipino never loses the spirit of bayanihan and always comes back to help his fellow men. This is what we see in the people we honor today”.

“The best of your work is indeed still to come: You are going to be a vital part of our nation’s future. And so I am here today not merely to award you, but to personally challenge you to do more. What I have learned as president is that no single person, no single entity, or corporation, or government can manage the full-scale turnaround of this country solely on their own. We need each Filipino to do their part. So I say to you apl., Em, Warren, Chieffy, Jiggy, Archie, and Ivan—pasensya na kayo kung feeling close na tayo. This country needs you to continue being creative, excellent, and relevant. You are no longer just artists, politicians, medical professionals, athletes, champions of heritage, or journalists; you are inspirations to our countrymen, and your continued pursuit of excellence will tell our people that the fight to bring this country to prominence continues. Rest assured, I will stay the course with you. Together, let us start the new year right. As we leave this hall today, let us get back to our desks, our clinics, our concert halls, our football fields more energized than ever before and show our countrymen and the world just how outstanding the Filipino is.”


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