Netizens react to failed Ricky Lo interview with Anne Hathaway

Is it star struck or fear? That is the question puzzling my mind when I saw the interview of Ricky Lo to Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway.

In the interview, Lo seemed uncomfortable from the very start as he was stuttering with his questions. There were also several unintelligible questions being thrown at Hathaway which made her look like rude and bitching Lo with her sarcastic answers. Lo is known to be one of the credible entertainment columnist in the Philippines but this interview with Hathaway really became so awkward and distasteful not to mention shameful and disgraceful.

And because of this, several Netizens took social media sites to share their sentiments over this. Some showed sympathy with Lo, but many reacts negatively over his way of conducting the interview.


We can all admit that mistakes really happen, but as a seasoned interviewer as him, he should have really prepared more senseful questions. But we also don’t know what’s really happening with Lo at that time, how he felt, that may have anchored the interview on that way.


10 thoughts on “Netizens react to failed Ricky Lo interview with Anne Hathaway

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  2. Maybe he just wants to connect with the actress by mentioning mutual colleagues like Lea Salonga. Or he’s just too starstruck during that time and he already forgotten that some of his questions are too personal. There are so many factors but mistakes do really happen and going back to the basic, no one is perfect.


    • yup agree, there really are maybe certain circumstances that made him go on that way of interviewing and it can only be charge now to his experience. hope he prepared better next time. thanks for visiting idol ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. The questions are not really that personal such asking about the weight loss. But Anne would have been more comfortable talking about the subject if it was asked by a female interviewer… like in a girl talk. Aside from that, Ricky Lo shouldn’t have kept on mentioning Lea Salonga’s name during the interview. That really made it so uncomfortable.


  4. Ricky Lo, now better known as Ricky Lola and Ricky Low, made a fool of himself. Entertainment editor for decades and years of tv hosting – what has he got to show for it? NOTHING MUCH! That infamous interview revealed his capability, or lack of it, as a movie journalist. It was as shameful as it could get! Why am I not surprised? Well, as a journalist he is average; as a tv host he is indubitably mediocre. Why, he is not only inadequate in spoken English, but his inanimate personality looks awkward and annoying on tv!
    Frankly speaking, this is the opportune time for him to become a missing person.


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