Pepe Pimentel dies at 83

pepepimentelVeteran comedian and game show host Pepe Pimentel dies at 83 this Thursday morning.

Pimentel was known as the king of Philippine game shows after he reigned Philippine TV for 38 years via his gameshow “Kuarta o Kahon”. This game show became the pattern for other noon time shows like Pera o Bayong of Magandang Tanghali Bayan of ABS-CBN and Laban o Bawi of TAPES Inc.’s Eat Bulaga.

Tito Pepe as he was called by his co-hosts and showbiz friends was also known for his comedic punchlines about his mother-in-law.

I can still remember it was our family’s Sunday habit to watch Kuarta o Kahon. Because of this show Yakult and Advan shoes became household names for decades. And he was really effective in hosting this show because of his right timing in comedy.

According to police report, Pimentel was found unconscious inside their bathroom at about past 10am. Based on the statement of his grandson James, his lolo went to the bathroom but after 30 he still didn’t get out so the wife Cecilia decided to check on him. And there she found the unconscious Tito Pepe with some blood on his head and no pulse. Authorities concluded that he suffered from heart attack.

With his death, he left his current position as Chairman of Brgy. Laging Handa in Quezon City. He was survived by his wife Cecilia and grandson James. His cremated body will be brought to Pinaglabanan Church in San Juan later this afternoon to give way to his families and friends who want to pay their last respect.


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