Truth in Marketing

voucherShopping and buying stuffs was never been the same with the introduction of online shops and group buying sites. People are gearing towards this trend because of its convenience and ease. Imagine you can buy stuffs in just a click of a mouse plus you can get it with huge huge discounts. Ensogo, Metrodeal, CashCash Pinoy and Groupon are just some of the known group buying sites that are currently gaining grounds. And people are going crazy checking on these sites for the latest sales, discounted items and tour packages.

Last Saturday we went on a tour to Mt. Pinatubo. It was a long-time plan which pushed through just last weekend. We got the tour package from one of the known group buying sites which I will intentionally not mention as they are not the main merchant of the tour package.

We booked the package last September 2012, because of its good price and good package. Round Trip ride to the crater lake via 4×4 off road- vehicle, trip arrangements and permits and BUFFET BREAKFAST DURING WEEKENDS. Those were the main content of the tour package that we purchased. So we were satisfied with that, we are in-fact cramming to purchase the tour because it’s really a good catch.

Fast forward to March 2, 2013 Saturday, we were excited to go to Capas, Tarlac and start the trek to Mt. Pinatubo. The arranged meeting place was McDonald’s Capas so we went there and in fact arrived earlier than the schedule. During our travel to Tarlac, we intentionally avoided eating too much because we were expecting for a sumptuous BUFFET BREAKFAST. But to our dismay it was McDonald’s HAMDESAL sandwich and coffee/hotchoco. The buffet breakfast that we were excited to partake became a fast food sandwich breakfast. How can you possibly equate buffet breakfast into a fast food value meal? We were very disappointed to the point that I’ve ordered my own Longanisa breakfast meal just to satisfy my craving for a “real breakfast”.


After knowing that the supposed buffet breakfast was just hamdesal, one of our friends approached the representatives from the TRAVEL AND SAVE TOURS (the merchant of the tour package). One of them said, it was not possible to have the buffet breakfast because of time constraints and that we need to follow the scheduled time going to Sta. Juliana. That is very absurd because we were there at about 3:30-3:45AM but we have to suffer not having the buffet breakfast because they came late? Ok, first excuse accepted, but what we cannot accept is the 2nd reason that they gave after 2 of our friends approached them again. They said that was their practice ever since and that we were the first group to complain. What? It was the normal practice? They mean, they are fooling their customers all this time by their false  promotion? For me that was unacceptable excuse, just because none of their customers complained before, we also don’t have the right to complain and ask for what is due to us? After hearing that, we just let it pass, and took the sandwiches to the next destination. Some we gave to the children roaming at the jump off site at Sta. Juliana, some we take as trail food.

I will not call their practice as deceit, although we were deceived by what is promised on the voucher. This false promotion and untrue marketing is very disappointing for a customer like us who paid on time for the prize they sell it. I know there were also groups who complained about it, but just to save face I think they just use the alibi that we were the first to. Good thing we enjoyed the Lahar 4×4 racing or else it will be a not so good day for us. And by the way, we appreciate their apology after the trek before we left the area to go home.

I just hope that the next time they market something or put anything on the voucher they are selling, they should make sure it will be delivered to their customers, because no one will be happy buying a gold but eventually getting a bronze.


22 thoughts on “Truth in Marketing

  1. Try mo magbigay ng feedback dun s binilhan mo ng voucher. Baka kahit pano eh malagyan nila ng note na di maganda yang travel/tour agency. PM mo ko kng san mo binili ng maiwasan…hehehe


  2. This was the same thing I’m scared about in considering “Online Purchase”, but good thing the stuff I’ve ordered from one of the sites you have mentioned came on time. Medyo na-off lang ako sa packaging, hahaha! Kasi ine-expect ko yung relong inorder ko naka-box or nakalagay sa magandang lalagyan. Eh parang naka-plastic lang sya na as in plastic lang. Hehe. Just saying.

    Parang natatakot tuloy ako i-grab yung offer ng isang site sa anawangin. Hehehe. Anyway, thanks for this post, we’ll be more aware before purshasing online 🙂


    • hehehe first time ko nga nagpurchase online dun eh, tapos dismayado pa. hehehe. anong main merchant ba nung sa anawangin mo?…thanks for reading and commenting potpot 🙂


  3. always go for someone who is trusted. or usually, we would check the interwebz kung may sabit yung tour.

    pero minsan talaga, chambahan lang.

    if you guys can do it alone (adventurous ang peg), much better. minsan mas makakamura kayo.


    • oo nga eh, natsambahan kame hehehe, naakit kasi sa discount at dahil matatakaw naakit sa BUFET BREAKFAST, ayan HAMDESAL lang tuloy ang napala hahaha. thanks sa pagbisita idol 🙂


  4. I think it would be safe to google about the Company first before availing any of their promos. Sometimes, people share their experiences about this promos so it can help you assess it better.


  5. Travel and Save Tours is a company based in Makati and partnered with Ensogo, Groupon, and Metro Deal. They have a very poor costumer service. It’s very hard (real pain) to contact their office and verify if the trip you are booking has been booked on the date that you want because people in that office don’t answer phone calls most of the time. They just let the phone ring and do not pickup. When you are lucky to get in touch with them, it’s still hard to get an assurance that everything has been taken care of because of how they communicate. They are very unprofessional. On their site, it is adviced to get in touch with them through email (you also have to submit the copy of the vouchers that you purchased as an attachment) but they also seldom respond to emails. I had to call the Ensogo hotline and complain about Travel and Save Tours first before I was able to get a response from them. To make matters worst they were using a false advertisement to attract customers. Travel and Save Tours is one of the reasons we Filipino’s are getting bad feedbacks from tourists, locals and foreigners alike. Recently they removed the word “buffet” on the fine print of the voucher. So it’s just breakfast now. But on the fine print of the vouchers that we purchased, 18 of them, it is clearly stated that we will get a “buffet breakfast”. So if you are planning to purchase a trip online, I highly recommend that you make sure that Travel and Save Tours is not the merchant.


      • hMMMMMMhow am i going to start? hahahaha well im one of their victims… just last thursday. Everything was settled around 2 months ago, and my friend was their contact 2 days prior to our scheduled trek. What’s worst? the day of our trek WALA MAN LANG KAMING MAKAUSAP AT HINDI SILA PUMUNTA SA TAGPUAN. So we decided to go straight to DOT and found out na hindi talaga sila darating. What a scam. Buti na lang we have many ways to spend our vacation. Sana lang hindi yun maulit, no sana wala na talagang kumuha sa kanila.


        • ay ganun, grabe talaga yun, sana nga wala nang kumuha sa kanila, very poor service eh…thanks for sharing your experience, sana mabasa to ng ibang nagpaplan kumuha sa kanila.


  6. i made this email to Travel Save and Tours months ago:

    TO: Travel and Save Tours
    Contact Details:
    Office: 569-5946
    Mobile: 0906-444-8292

    This is a follow-up regarding my inquiry about the DOT Fee and why you are charging 400 pesos even if the Capas Municipal Tourism Officer said to me that they are not charging 400 pesos for the DOT fee. Again, the 10 vouchers I bought are from Metro Deal and Ensogo and I already paid the additional 750 for the transportation. Its okay and I will pay another additional charge of 400 for the DOT fee if it indeed the amount the Capas Municipal Tourism is asking. Please reserve the date March 17,2013 for the re-scheduled trek for Mt. Pinatubo. Please confirm this reservation and please give the explanation for the 400 pesos DOT fee. I checked online and indeed people have complaints against your agency. My fault is I did not check your credibility and the reputation of your agency before buying the vouchers from Metro Deal and Ensogo.

    This is again the COST for this Trek

    the voucher you posted in Ensogo and Metro deal was 900+
    then you asked me to pay additional 750 for each voucher bought for transpo to proceed with the tour
    now you are asking me to pay the 400 for each voucher bought for the DOT fee ( when I asked the Capas Municipal Tourism Officer they are not charging 400 pesos)

    from the 900+ voucher price there is additional charge of 750+400 pesos on top of the voucher price. So the add-on is more expensive than the voucher.

    If this does not push through I have no choice but to make a formal complaint for not giving the services I paid for and and not explaining and giving a break down for the additional charges.

    Note: The contact no. in your office: 569-5946 is not working since I started to call your office last year.


  7. Hi there. I’ve been following up a very long overdue refund from Travel & Save Tours for the very same Pinatubo trip and I encountered the same mishap in payment as the last one who posted a comment. I feel the frustration on every person who posted here, as I’ve experienced the same. It’s even not over yet as I haven’t gotten my refund until now, which I requested last March! Glad to know your trip pushed through though, despite the difficulties you encountered in dealing with them.

    I’m currently coordinating with Metrodeal with this and would it be okay with you if I share the link of this post to them? I’m doing everything within my power so they will no longer get Travel & Save Tours as a merchant in their future deals. Their poor management and customer service ticked me off so badly.

    Here’s another post I chanced upon last time regarding their poor service. I can’t believe they’ve been doing this for years!


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