Argentinian Cardinal Bergoglio elected as the 266th Pope

popefrancis“Habemus Papam Franciscum”

After 2 days at the conclave, the college of cardinals has finally reached a consensus on who will be the 266th pope of the Catholic church. And at about past 3 AM (Manila time), Cardinal Tauran showed at the balcony and announced the name of Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio as the new elected pope with the regnal name of Pope Francis.

Thousands of Catholics at the St. Peter square cheered as they hear the election of Pope Francis especially when he came out of the balcony and greeted them.

Cardinal Bergoglio was elected pope after the 5th ballot in day 2 of the conclave. In his opening remarks, he asks God to bless the people and ask the people to pray to God to bless him. His election to the papacy also marked as a first in the history of the Catholic Church to have a non-European pope in modern age. Coming from Catholic-rich Latin/South America, it seemed that the Church is gearing towards decentralization from Europe. But on the other hand, at 76 years old (9th oldest elected Pope), it also seemed that the college of cardinals didn’t much take into consideration a longer pontificate.


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