Cardinal Tagle jingle on youtube, gaining more views

Published on March 4, 2013 by youtube user latigorapper, this “Papal Campaign Jingle” aimed at supporting Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle is currently gaining large number of views.

This video which currently hits 19,276 (as of writing) views is also reaping good comments from its viewers. One commenter ADKubi said “I’m not Filipino – I’m a Canadian with European ancestry. But I’m hoping for Cardinal Tagle to be elected pope because I think he would be the best choice for the entire global Church. 🙂 Cool video, by the way.”

Other also praised the video for its catchy lyrics and melody which is taken from Village People’s YMCA. And many also have expressed their support for Cardinal Tagle to be the next pope.

With those comments, it really shows how charismatic the Filipino Cardinal is. And it is really not impossible for him to be the first Filipino and first Asian Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.


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