Viral video of the week : Gwiyomi Rene Requiestas look alike

It seemed that this new Korean craze have taken over social media yet again. Gwiyomi video has taken not only the social media but traditional media also by storm, with Vice Ganda immitating it on their noon-time show Its Showtime. Different kind of people, males, females, the not so-males and kids have also posted their version of this new trend but this one video have caught my attention.

The video was originally uploaded on Facebook page FB Hottest Girl (I just re-uploaded it on my Youtube account). Currently it was shared 1,108 times and was liked by 640 people on Facebook with more than 400 comments all talking about how funny the video is.

When I watched the video, can’t help also but laugh at his antics which is very similar to the moves of the late comedian Rene Requiestas. The way the late comedian moved when his doing comedy acts is very similar to this man in the video, that is why one will not help it but burst into laughter seeing his Gwiyomi version.

By far, this is the funniest Gwiyomi video I ever seen and I will not be surprised if he will also get more media attention because he is really funny. Enjoy watching, and keep on laughing.


10 thoughts on “Viral video of the week : Gwiyomi Rene Requiestas look alike

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