Netizens quips Nancy Binay’s apparent win

As of this writing, Vice Presidential daughter and UNA Senatorial candidate Nancy Binay still ranks 5th with 12,480,011 votes. Her apparent win is not well accepted by social media people and netizens.

While even before the election she was already been target of different memes and ire from the netizens, her imminent win became a bigger chance for the discontented to pour more satire and jokes about her.

Below are some of the MEMEs about Nancy and certain people’s reaction on her candidacy and her apparent win.











It’s really amazing how Filipinos can come up with this funny messages. Just proves that Filipinos whenever or whatever stress is happening in the surroundings there will always be comic relief to make the situation lighter.

*Credits to the owners of the photo taken from Facebook and Google search

4 thoughts on “Netizens quips Nancy Binay’s apparent win

  1. On the other hand, I find the posts really hypocritical and alarming. A lot of Filipinos are definitely racist and it appalls me how netizens can stoop down to the level of a kindergarten by insulting someone based on his/her physical appearances rather than criticizing objectively. First, it was funny but later on, it really spoke a lot about our idiosyncratic culture. I made a very loong blog post about it entitled, “Nancy Binay and the Idiosyncratic Filipino Culture.”


    • hehehe. that social media eh, self regulated hehe. although there are below the belt personal attacks that is their opinion eh. 🙂 anyways thanks for sharing your post, well written :). thanks for dropping by also 🙂


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