#IpasokSiDick penetrates social media trends

When you say Philippine election it is always expected to be hot and well contested. As they say there’s no losers in Philippine elections only cheated.

But with Filipinos wit, innate “craziness” and creativity, this year’s election became hotter and more funnier. In fact one senatorial candidate Dick Gordon penetrates inside the realm of social media as the hashtag #IpasokSiDick became viral spanning different social media platforms and getting on top of worldwide trends in twitter.


The hashtag #IpasokSiDick was started by RX93.1 DJ Karen Bordador. She was the one who encouraged her followers to tweet and trend the topic not only for fun but as a show of support for Dick Gordon. And she didn’t fail as it easily went viral not only on twitter but also on Facebook where many of people shared their own funny messages containing the hashtag. MEMEs of Dick Gordon also flooded Facebook feeds and it really brought lighter mood on a very stressful and disappointing result of the election.

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And here are the witty and funny tweets people shared using the hashtag.


It may be funny and it is really funny but the purpose of the hashtag is not just to make fun but to let people know that a Dick Gordon is someone who should be inside the top 12 winning circle instead of other people who deserved to be ejaculated in that list of winners.


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