Video of the week: Vice Ganda’s controversial Jessica Soho rape joke

Two weeks after the concert of Vice Ganda at the Araneta Coliseum, he is now facing controversy over his comedy spiels.

In one of the segments in his concert entitled i-Vice Ganda mo ako sa Araneta, Vice played as a boldstar and made fun on famous Philippine TV personalities. He used Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, Gus Abelgas, Willie Revillame, Kim Atienza and Jessica Soho as subjects and portrayed them should they become bold stars.

During his take on Jessica Soho, he envisioned a rape scene which he exaggerates to a gang rape taking potshot on Jessica’s body size. And that spiel on rape and size caught the ire and flak of the netizens.

Vice Ganda was criticized for his unfounded remarks over the respected news anchor. Arnold Clavio, one of Soho’s colleagues in GMA also slammed him on his radio show for using Jessica in his rape joke. He also insinuates, why not use personalities from ABS-CBN. Many people on twitter showed their sympathy for Ms. Soho and bashed Vice Ganda for this jokes.

While I am not saying that what Vice Ganda did was perfectly right, I don’t think it should be dealt with this kind of proportion. Yes they are below the belt jokes but they are still jokes. Who doesn’t laugh in our lifetime when we hear this kinds of jokes? Another thing, in theΒ  Arnold Clavio statement, he doesn’t wanted Vice Ganda to joke on Jessica’s but he chided on why not use subjects from ABS-CBN (which Vice did). Is it a great way to defend someone but getting even? When in fact the real premise of the joke is not the rape but the size of the subject.

In my humble opinion we get easily caught by this jokes not because of anything but because we are accustomed to stereo-typing. That we can joke and laugh to nameless people but with famous and well known it is off. One of my twitter friends Jay-R Trinidad even said “This country thrives on insult comedy. that is the cold, harsh truth.”.

Now that the issue is gearing towards rape jokes (which I’m not buying because it’s not just plain rape but a “rape scene” in a movie with the main premise on the subject’s size), one question is lingering my mind that I can’t help but ask, should it be not Jessica Soho that was used, will it be this big issue still?

*Credits to Richardson Guinto Youtube Channel for the video


22 thoughts on “Video of the week: Vice Ganda’s controversial Jessica Soho rape joke

  1. They are so oversensitive. I realy can’t believe why they are putting so much emphasis on the rape scene which is not even the main topic of the vice’s joke. He don’t even describe neither elaborate on that matter no


    • naks sumasilent critic ka tol ah. hehehe. oo nga masyadong pinapalaki, eh rape scene nga eh, ang dami namang rape scene na ang nagawa sa mga movie, at dinadamay pa yung mga rape victims. thanks sa pagbasa πŸ™‚


  2. The bottom line is ,,,, we really laugh at jokes but are we really happy making fun and hurting sombody.? Ganun na lng.? Naging insensitive na tayo para lng matawa. What a shame


    • hehe, that’s not my point sir, my point is the double standards we set in doing and reacting on jokes. Who among us didn’t laugh and made fun of our friends or colleagues based on their size? i just want to point out that we should not be so holier than thou when some famous personality are being subjects of joke when in fact we laugh and made fun of nameless people. πŸ™‚ anyways thanks for sharing your opinion and visiting this page. appreciate it πŸ™‚


    • Well I get you there and it is fully understandable. I myself seldom found sex and humour amuzing. If jessica cries foul of using her name for mockery then I aggrees with her but the point is she is maligning the people out of context. Just like accusing a thief of murder, whilst both offensive but the sunctions are way far too different.


  3. Mga gungong pala kayo e! mapa rape scene or totoong rape yun – its the thought of the joke that is the laughing stock here, and i bet your ass that you dont wanna be the target of those jokes as well. right!!!??


    • hehe, but as i get the line, it’s not centered on the rape but on the size because the joke on rape will not push through if the performer is not aiming at touching the size of the subject. and as i’ve said, it’s not about the joke but how people handles joke in double standards and stereo-typing mode. and just like my question, if the subject is not jessica soho will this be an issue given the fact that it is a concert not viewed by public for free?


    • Did he implied that rape is just okay??? Hindi di ba? Ang issue d2 eh hindi naman yung rape scene eh. Kung galit sila dahil naisama sila sa joke then fine vice is at fault there. Pero ang ilihis ang issue sa rape at bigyan ng kahulugan para kampihan ka eh yun ang di ko tangap.


    • I cannot assume for that, pero in that case siguro naman magpapasintabi yung performer kung andun yung subject nya. As i’ve said I’m not glorifying the joke, my point is if people will bash they should be in the right context and there should be no stereo-typing and double standards..anyways thanks for sharing your insights, and thanks for visiting πŸ™‚


      • hindi siya nagpasintabi. nag joke siya about kay Anne curtis hindi siya nagpasintabi.

        May isa pa yung si Willie yung bold star. Kumakanta siya ng igiling giling. ni revise niya into “igiling giling ng pepe mo ay mamaga”. Everyone find it funny. tapos pinakanta pa niya sa mga babae gaya nila Zsa Zsa Padilla, Karylle at Anne Curtis. Imagine mga babae pinakanta niya ng “igiling giling mo ng pepe mo ay mamaga” respeto naman di ba? Honestly, hindi ako natawa sa part na yan na off ako sa kanya.

        Do you think that’s funny?


        • hehehe hindi ko alam yung kina anne curtis or kay zsazsa or karylle pero since magkakasama sila sa showitime pedeng sabihin na may automatic permission na yun. parang mutual permission kasi kilala na nila ang isa’t-isa. kaya ng sinabi ko di ko sinasabing perfectly right yung ginawa pero dapat yung mga magrereact sa social media walang double standards na tatawa pag ayaw nila yung tao na subject pero magagalit pag idol or famous yung naging subject ng joke. πŸ™‚


  4. if you try to analyze the whole thing. Yung kabuuan ng joke. anu ba ang naging catch sa joke na iyon? di ba yung pagiging “mataba” ni Jessica? Kaya nga dapat lagi daw gang rape kasi hindi nila kakayanin si Jessica dahil nga sa malaki siya. If you find too fat is funny same as too skinny. too dark, too light… then there is something wrong with you. It comes with maturity. Humor comes with maturity. I don’t know about you but I really don’t think it’s funny. Rape scene man yon or hindi.. It doesn’t matter. ang point is pinagtatawanan natin yung kakulangan at pagiging iba ng ibang tao sa atin. Gamitin man ni Jessica yung rape scene bilang excuse para mag react.. hindi niyo ba naisip na mekanismo lang niya iyon para hindi mapag usapan yung pagiging mataba niya? hindi mo ba naisip na natatakot siyang magsalita about sa “catch” ng joke dahil pagtatawanan siya ng tao? Hindi ako nagpapaka self righteous pero I exactly know how Jessica feels about it.

    Sa lahat ng mga pangyayaring ito… ang tunay na issue dito eh kung ano ba ang pwedeng gawing joke o hindi. naranasan mo na ba mag joke tapos walang natawa dahil taboo ang joke mo?

    Sabi ni Jim Paredes “Taboo Joke topic guide: No jokes abt rape, torture, genocide, racial discrimination.” Yan ang totoong issue. Minsan nakakalimutan na natin kung tama bang gawing joke ang isang bagay o hindi.


    • pero hindi ba dapat pagmagrereact eh yung sa tamang context at premise para mag maidefend mo yung isang bagay. kasi kahit tama yung motive kung mali naman yung tinitira na premise mawawalan lang ng bisa yung pagdefend the, opinion ko lang. Humor level is dependent on people individually, there are jokes not appreciated by some but are funny to others and we cannot dictate them when and where to laugh. yes indeed it is not right to laugh at persons size, color or race but we cannot discount other people who treat it as funny, the only think we can do is not to join them. imho the issue is not really the joke but how people reacted about it.


  5. Wala naman jokes na nakkatawa pag ikaw na ang inookray dapat alam ni vice un kasi comedian sya. Hindi mo naman kailngan lagi manlait ng tao pra magpasaya. Kung si vice kaya mismo ang ginwan ng jokes matutuwa kaya xa? Ou cguro ngalit c jesica dahil sinbhan xa ng mataba. Eh ci vice kaya di magglit pag sinbihab ng bakla. May mga bgay kc n alam n ntin di n kailngan sbhn o ipagkalat pa. Si vice kasi mkpagptwa lan manlalait na.di nya alam un iba nssktan n s gngwa nya. Un cnbe ni arnold n sna s abs nlan inorkray i agree. Dpat di na nanlait c vice ng ibang tao di nmn nya kaclose. Akala m kc kay vice kun mkpagjoke akla m lhat ng tao kaclose nya.iba iba ang tao may mga tao nagaacept ng joke easily pero meron ding indi.meron sensitive. At meon c vice un.


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