OPM of the week, Lipat Bahay by Rico Blanco

I have always been a lover of music. Since my childhood, music has always been part of my pastimes and hobbies. From FM radio on transistors, cassette tapes, karaoke, and compact discs, music has always been a part of me. I may not be a great singer but singing-along with those music that I love makes me feel relaxed and un-worrying. Can’t help but remember those classic OPM songs that ruled the airwaves during that time. There may be ample exposure on foreign songs, but OPM during that time was different, as it’s really big specially on teens. Who would have forgotten Eraserhears, Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar, Green Department and many others. These bands along with other solo OPM artists ruled the Philippine airwaves.

Sadly, as technology progress and new generations come, OPM became less dominant. With the influence of K-Pop, Justine Bieber and other foreign acts which are attracting the teen music market, OPM became struggling.

But it’s not yet too late to revive the vibrance and domination of Pinoy Pop and Original Pinoy Music. Starting with this post, Nite Writer will now feature promising and upcoming OPM songs to showcase what OPM can offer.

And for its first offering, I will feature the newest song of one of my favorite singer/composers, Rico Blanco’s Lipat Bahay.

The song is about change and the sentiments of facing a new life or new phase of life. Sometimes its painful to leave something because of the great memories there but choices have to be made and changes have to be welcomed.



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