Miami Heat forces a Game 7, equalizes the series 3-3

nbafinals2013game6And it’s now back to clean slate.

After winning 103-100 in an overtime game today, Miami Heat forces a do or die Game 7 in this year’s NBA finals. It’s the heroic 3-pointer by Ray Allen in the last 0.05 seconds of the 4th quarter that tied the game and pushed them for an overtime.

This for me is the best game of their Best of 7 Finals Series having great plays from both teams. Although the Spurs managed to pull away in the 3rd quarter with 12 point lead, Heat came back in the fourth to close the gap and force the game into an overtime. It was a series of momentum exchanges for the 2 teams that left the viewers and spectators hanging on their seats.

During the overtime, Spurs again managed to lead the Heat by 3 points in the last 2:42 at 100-97 but Allen’s jump shot close the gap again to just 1 point lead at 99-100. After a missed 3-pointer by Tony Parker, L.James got the rebound and easily made 2 points which gave the Heat their 1st lead in overtime at 101-100. From then on, Spurs wasn’t able to basket a ball and fouled Allen in the last 0.01.9 seconds which game him 2 additional points from the free throw at 103-100.

Miami Heat is again led by LeBron James with 32 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. He is followed by Mario Chalmers who contributed 20 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The other 2 of the Big 3, D. Wade and Chris Bosh had 14 and 10 points respectively. Speaking on their win, Heat’s Head Coach Erik Spoelstra said “We feel grateful we have an opportunity to play for a title in a Game 7. Our guys aren’t looking for games that are less meaningful. We’re looking for games that are more meaningful and there’s nothing bigger than a Game 7.”

Meanwhile, it was also a great game for the San Antonio Spurs with Tim Duncan leading the pack. Duncan scored 30 points in his 44 minutes of the game. He also led the rebounding with his 17 total rebounds. Kawhi Leonard also played great with his 22 points, and 11 rebounds. Spurs’ main star Tony Parker who pulled off great baskets in this game had 19 points,3 rebounds and 8 assists.

Now that the series score sheet is deemed back to zero with their 3-all status, Game 7 will definitely be a blast. Expect that the 2 teams will fight it all out until the end as it is a do or die game for the both of them. Will it be a back 2 back championship for LeBron James and the Miami Heat? Or will the championship hungry team of Tony Parker and the rest of San Antonio Spurs get their 1st title since 2007?

Game 7 will be decided on June 20, Thursday 9pm ET (June 21, Friday 9am Manila Time) again in American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.


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