iBlog9 Summit Experience, My First

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALearning is one thing we should not stop doing because that’s one thing we can use as we journey this fast changing world.

Last June 1, 2013 I had the chance to attend for the very first time a blog summit that I have always wanted join, iBlog. Last year I was able to register but due to some unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to attend the event. Luckily this time, I had no more other commitments to attend so iBlog9 became reality. And together with my blogger and twitter friend Jann Medina, we took UP Diliman College of Law to join other bloggers in learning new things about blogging.

I came a little bit late so when I arrived, Jason Cruz was already discussing about thought leadership. He discussed the role of bloggers and social media to influence our readers. He was followed by Arvin Ello who talked about the Do’s and Dont’s in conducting and interview and the importance of throwing the right questions to the interviewee. After him was Carlo Gonzales who analogized social media to a love life.



On the afternoon session, the summit was transferred to the Malcolm Hall auditorium. After the lunch break, the summit was opened again by Pinoy Screen Caster Randolph Novino who talked about how to start in video blogging. Next to him was mommy blogger and our seatmate ma’am Rhodora Espiritu-Valdez to shared her study on the Rise of Mommy Bloggers in the Philippines. One memorable moment on her talk was she started it with Giyomi hehe. Jay Agonoy followed her, who discussed how blogger should address and avoid information redundancy. Melanie Lee who followed after him meanwhile discussed the advantage of being a full time homebased blogger. She also shared some of the websites that offers online opportunity to bloggers. And the last and most informative part was from Atty. JJ Disini.


A Professor in UP College of Law, Atty. Disini is known in the fields of commercial laws, intellectual property and Information Technology. He talked about the Data Privacy Act and everything that encompasses it. That is the first time I fully understand the law and it’s repercussions. Was able to know that under the Data Privacy Law, any act of giving personal information of someone without their consent is illegal and that entails, name, gender, nationality and anything that points to their personal identity, even picture. He also talked about intellectual property rights and copyright infringement. Among all speakers, being inclined to news and law, I became much interested in the talk given by Atty. Disini and that I enjoyed most.


The summit was ended by raffle draws which fortunately gave me and Jann an iblog9 shirt. Group picture taking was also done before everyone else got to leave.

946973_583772031644531_1421087227_n 977689_619776524701544_1615982148_o

It was really an enriching experience. The ideas and knowledge shared by the speakers gave me guidelines on how to write blogs effectively and gather the right information that will not only be posted on my space in the blogosphere but will also be helpful to those who will take time to read my posts. iBlog9 is really a worth event, I didn’t made mistake in taking my time off to go to UP for that. And I will definitely be looking forward to future iBlog summits.


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