No to American, Yes to Spanish? I say continue with Pilipinas

PilipinasJust recently the Komisyon Ng Wikang Filipino (KNWF) released a resolution aimed at dropping the country’s name “Pilipinas” and adapting its former Spanish name “Filipinas”.

In the resolution, the Komisyon cited the reason “to have a unified country name” and “for better sense of history and modernization” thus dropping Pilipinas in exchange of using its former name Filipinas. The Komisyon headed by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario also suggested to use Filipinas as the country’s official international name dropping Philippines because of its American influence connotation.


They however, clarified that it is not mandatory, to use the name Filipinas especially for those institutions/establishments that were established before the letter “F” was acknowledged in the Filipino alphabet.

I am not a linguist nor am I master in literature but as a common Filipino living in this country who I used to know as “The Philippines” and “Pilipinas”, I cannot get the logic of dropping 2 names in lieu of Filipinas especially with the reason given.

They want to drop “Philippines” because it was the name given by the American colonizers?

Being a free country now, they suggested it should be dropped because continuing to use Philippines somehow denotes continuing influence by American imperialism in our country. Following that logic, how come they are pushing for “Filipinas ” which they admitted as the country’s first name given by the Spanish colonizers? Isn’t it using that name also denotes continuing influence by the imperialist Spain?

Yes, that is the first official name given to us and was used for more that 300 years when we were still under Spain and it was also correct that our famous heroes used that name during that time primarily because that is the prevailing language. Should Pilipinas was already introduced then, I think they will use our own alphabet.

With regards to unity, I don’t think we are confused with our country’s name because if you’ll ask majority if not all Pinoys, they will only answer Philippines or Pilipinas as our English and Tagalog names. I do not know anyone who will tell that our current country’s names are Philippines, Pilipinas and Filipinas. Who use Filipinas today as our country’s name? I don’t know anyone, so where’s the confusion there? Pushing for this Filipinas I think will be the one that will create confusion.

Taking from The Professional Heckler’s Blog post WATDAPAK, here’s the graphic representation of what will happen if we will follow this change of the country’s name to Filpinas.

UPcollagecbcpcollagephilstarcollagepdicollagepupcollagepagcorcollage palcollagedotcollage

It may be simple to think it’s just 1 letter change of the country’s name, but in essence it is not. That 1 letter is worth a culture, history and influence to the way of Pinoy’s life that we have used to. Pilipinas is already instilled as the nation’s local name and should stay for more more years to come.

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