Velez College student tops June 2013 Nursing Licensure Exam

2013NursingBoardtopnotcherThe Professional Regulations Commission today released its June 2013 Nursing Licensure Exam results, and out of 37,887 who took the exam 16,219 or 42.80% Nursing graduates have passed. According to the official statement from the PRC website, it only took 24 working days for the board to get the official results of the exam.

This year’s nursing board is composed of Carmencita M. Abaquin, Chairman; Leonila A. Faire, Betty F. Merritt, Perla G. Po, Marco Antonio C. Sto.Tomas, Yolanda C. Arugay and Amelia B. Rosales, Members.

Among those 16,219 Nursing board examinees, it was Beverly Anne Felicio Balagon of Velez College who took the top spot.

Balagon got an average of 87.00 besting all other fellow examinees. She was followed by a Tomasian (UST) Jamila Jane Uy Borlagdan and Mylene Grace Dacula Gonzaga of West Visayas State University-La Paz who both got 86.80%. And on the 3rd spot were Ma Stefanie Palencia Reyes (UP-Manila), Lace Paulyn Tan Rosaroso (UST) and Aina Fe Roldan Salem (UP-Manila) who all got an average rating of 86.20%.

Below is the complete list of the top 10 Nursing Licensure Exam Passers:


In terms of school rankings, West Visayas State University-La Paz, Cebu Normal University and University of the Philippines-Manila bested all other schools at the top with their 100% passing rate. WVSU-Lapaz has 135 examinees that all passed including 2 students at the top 10 passers ranked 2nd and 8th. CNU meanwhile has 86 examinees including also 2 at the top 10 ranked 8th and 9th. And UP-Manila who has 54, with 6 on the top 10 ranked 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th.


Upon passing the Nursing Licensure Exam, successful examinees are required to take and oath before the Nursing Board or any authorized government official before they can enter the Nursing practice, that is pursuant to Section 16, of Republic Act No. 9173.

For full list of Nursing board passers please go to this link


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