Genelyn Sandaga’s Just Give Me A Reason video goes viral

Another new Youtube sensation is born.

With her heartfelt rendition of Pink and Nate Ruess’ Just Give Me A Reason, Youtuber Genelyn Sandaga has caught the attention (both praises and flaks) of many netizens. In her Youtube channel she described her herself as “not perfect” and she’s comfortable with it and that’s all that matter. She already have 8 videos, all covering current popular songs, but her Just Give Me A Reason cover is the one with the most views and comments.

As of writing, the video already hits 120,889 views on Youtube and 16,786 shares, 5,132 likes and 10,841 comments on When In Manila’s Facebook page.

Most of the comments on Facebook are either annoyed or irritated but there were also people who were amazed at her guts and self confidence to come up with the video. In fact, many have requested her to do more covers or upload similar videos.

As I view it, she really may not have the best voice to cover those songs but what’s important is she’s enjoying what she’s doing. She’s may not land into guesting stints with Oprah or Ellen but the laughter and inspiration she conveys to other “non-good singers” is a worthwhile effort  tantamount of praise and acknowledgement.

So, to Genelyn Sandaga, congratulations and thank you for the fun.


6 thoughts on “Genelyn Sandaga’s Just Give Me A Reason video goes viral

      • Haha ang cute nya eh binura nya mga pang asar na comments sakanya sa youtube then naka disabled na yung comment box mag cocomment sana ako :p pero napapasaya nya talaga kami ng husband ko bago matulog papalinggan namin mga covers nya. ;p


  1. Hehe wala talaga siya sa tono kapag pinapakinggan ko siya kumanta parang gusto ko abutin yung right key para sakanya hehe araw araw ko pinapanuod mga cover nya pampatanggal ng stress :p lakas ng guts niya malakas loob nya at self confidence


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