Maring now outside of Philippine Area of Responsibility

maringTropical storm Maring that enhanced the Southwest monsoon or Habagat is now outside PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility) that is according to the latest weather update from PAG-ASA.

In their latest forecast issued today at around 11:00AM, Maring was tracked at about 500km Northeast of Itbayat, Batanes with the coordinates of 25.4°N, 124.0°E. It continues to move 20kph West Northwest of Itbayat and is expected to be on a distance of 600km tomorrow (Thursday morning). Maring still holds that strength of 105kph  maximum winds near the center and gustiness of 135kph.

There are no more public storm signal warnings raised in any area of the country but it will continue to enhance the Habagat which may bring moderate to heavery rains and thunderstorms. Estimated rainfall will be from 10 – 40 mm per hour (heavy – torrential) within the 500km diameter of the Tropical Storm.


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