Janet Napoles surrendered to Pres. Aquino

napolessurrendersFew hours after the President announced the 10 million-peso reward for those who will capture Janet Lim-Napoles, she herself voluntarily surrendered to the President Aquino because she feared for her life.

Napoles has been a fugitive for weeks already after she was ordered to be arrested by Makati court for the illegal detention case filed by his former employee and kin Benhur Luy. At about 9:37PM today August 28, 2013, Napoles was said to have surrendered to the President in Malacanang according to palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda. She was then turned-over to DILG Sec. Mar Roxas and PNP Chief Alan Purisima for processing and booking.

In a press briefing at Camp Crame, Sec. Roxas said, Napoles’ lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan was the one who sent the surrender feelers to Malacanang through Sec. Lacierda. He said, Kapunan advised Napoles to surrender to the president because that will be the safest thing to do since she feared for her life. Roxas also added, Napoles had small talk with the president before she was brought to Camp Crame.

Asked by reporters how did Janet Napoles reached Malacanang and why she chose surrendering to the President, a seemingly agitated Roxas answered, that’s the job of the government. What’s important is that she came out and they have her custody. He also added it’s a case of damn of you do, damn if you don’t, because according to him, if Napoles will be “silenced” then the government will be blamed for not capturing her, now that she’s in their custody still people doubt how did it happened.

I also saw many sentiments in social media questioning the timing and seemingly scripted twists of events and it can’t really be just put aside knowing Pinoy’s love for conspiracy theories. But for me, that’s just sidelights for now, the more important thing really is to secure Napoles so she can say everything she knew. The PDAF scam is such a big plunder of people’s money to lost focus with. Let’s not give more highlight on whom she surrendered and how she got to the palace but to the evidences and testimonies that she will be saying in the coming days. She’s just one part of this whole scam, we needed to know other people and bigger people who are behind this scandal.



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