Netizens share disgust over Arnold Clavio’s interview

Seasoned News Anchor Arnold Clavio is again on hot water after his interview with alleged pork barrel queen’s lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor became viral on social media.

The video shows Clavio interviewing Janeth Napoles’ lawyer on Unang Hirit’s newscast segment via phone patch. The interview started well with Clavio asking some questions regarding the lawyer’s participation in Napoles’ cases. But towards the end, it gone sour as the news anchor suddenly became irate, throwing distasteful commentaries on his interviewee. And it ended with Clavio saying they shouldn’t have called him because he doesn’t get any information at all.

Because of that actuations, netizens felt disgusted and disappointed with the news anchor with others tagging him as being unprofessional. Others were also aghast by his “rude” handling of the interview while there were some who understand why Clavio acted on such way.

Here are some of the netizentiments over Clavio’s interview video:


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