Facebook celebrates 10th anniversary with Lookback

fblookbackToday, Facebook is celebrating its 10th year. With billions of users, Facebook or FB as it is commonly called is currently the most widely-used and most popular social networking site in the world. What’s great about FB is that it became a primary channel to connect to everyone in the world, especially our love ones.

As I browsed through Facebook today, one of my friends, message me with the link www.facebook/lookback. Curious of what it was, I immediately clicked on the link and what a nice surprise I got. Facebook team has compiled special moments in my years with Facebook.

  fblookback2      fblookback4

From the first moments since I started joining the social networking site, to the special moments that I shared which garnered the most likes, up to the latest photos and status being shared, was highlighted through Facebook Lookback. And looking on those photos and statuses, I can’t help but get sentimental and happy because I was able to see my Facebook journey which is a mirror of my journey in real life.

It’s really amazing how Facebook has touched our lives in this past years and continue to  be part of our daily lives up to now. This Facebook Lookback is a great way of celebrating their 10th year and a nice gift to its billion users.


So if you want to see and reminisce how far you’ve come in your Facebook journey, go  on and log-in to your account and check your Facebook Lookback.


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