Michael Martinez made history, placed 19th in 2014 Sochi Olympics Finals

michaelchristianmartinezfinalssochi2014“There’s a bright future waiting for him”

He may not bagged any medal in the Men’s Figure Skating event last night, but Filipino Winter Olympian Michael Christian Martinez is still a pride worth of our honor and respect. The 17-year old figure skater, Philippines’ and South East Asia’s first and youngest representative to the Winter Olympics Figure Skating event showed gallantry and determination coupled with gracefulness as he impressed the world of figure skaters. Olympic commentators can’t help but praise him for his performance in the finals. Although he fell in one of his routines, he redeemed himself in the later part of the program, showing great skills on ice.

His Free Program performance was given 119.44 score by the judges, which was added to his Short Program score of 64.81 totaling to 184.25. And that total final score earned him top spot in the 1st batch of performers (1-6 performers).

At the end of the competition, Martinez landed into the 19th spot (same ranking in the Short program). Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu bagged the Gold (280.09 points), Canada’s Patrick Chan Silver (275.62 points) and Kazakhstan’s Denis Ten for the Bronze (255.10 points).


It was a great great debut for Michael Christian Martinez and the Philippines in the Winter Olympics. Just seeing our flag in the line-up of countries is enough recognition especially for a country whose only affair with ice is through SM Malls and the Snow World of Star City. Finishing in the top 20 bracket is such an awesome feat and a great stepping stone forward to Winter Olympics 2018.

Thank You Michael Martinez for showing that dreams can be achieved if you’re focus in achieving it, if you’re determined to hurdle any challenges just to have it and if you’re passionate in doing it. Thank you for raising the pride and honor of the Filipinos once again. We will all look forward for your medal round again in 2018.


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