Complaint Affidavit of Vhong Navarro’s new accuser released

vhongnavarroAfter getting out of the hospital and formally filling his complaint at the Department of Justice, actor-host Vhong Navarro is again back in the headlines. This is after a new girl (who was later identified as Roxanne Cabañero) came-out and filed rape case against Navarro. The alleged rape victim is said to be a former beauty pageant contestant who happened to met Vhong in one of the episodes of his noontime show Its Showtime.

In an interview with Cabañero’s lawyer Atty. Virgilio Batalla, he said the alleged rape happened in 2010. Asked why she only srufaced now or 4 years after the crime, the lawyer said, rape has a prescriptive period of 20 years after committing the crime so it’s still not too late to seek justice.

On the part of Navarro, his lawyer Atty. Alma Mallonga said, this is some kind of diversionary tactics to the real issue. She also said that public should not be confused by this new case because Vhong’s case against Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo is a different thing.

Meanwhile, veteran journalist Tony Calvento was able to got hold of the formal affidavit of complaint filed by Cabañero at the Pasig Prosecutors office. Below are the screen shots of the affidavit which I got from Calvento’s Facebook Page.










3 thoughts on “Complaint Affidavit of Vhong Navarro’s new accuser released

    • agree, ako din nung una medyo parang sabi ko possible naman. kaso ayus blagag nasa concert pala si vhong dun sa time at date na sinabi nya hehehe. she can be sued now for forgery. thanks manong sa comment 🙂


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