Department of Health confirms mysterious skin disease in Pangasinan a hoax

mysteriousdiseaseLast night ABS-CBN newscast Bandila reported on a mysterious flesh-eating disease in Pangasinan. The report tagged 2 person in Pangasinan who were infected by a disease which allegedly cannot be determined by the doctors.

The report immediately went viral on social media creating panic and fear since many have associated it with the Prophecy of an Indian “Prophet Sadhu”.

Many have called to repent because they said the prophecy is happening. The Hashtag #PrayForPangasinan even trended on twitter all talking about the alleged “mysterious disease”.

But after being alarmed of the panic being caused by the news report, the Department of Health issued a statement declaring the claim on the mysterious flash-eating disease as hoax.

In a report published in the Official Gassette, DOH belied the rumors regarding the mysterious disease being carried by the 2 residents of Pangasinan. In a statement Health Secretary Enrique Ona said that there are no reported cases of ‘flesh-eating’ skin disease yet in the country, thus there’s absolutely no reason for the public to go on panic.

DOH Regional Director for Region 1 Dr. Myrna Cabotaje also said that the 2 cases being reported were already been diagnosed as cases of Leprosy and extreme Psoriasis respectively, thus debunking the claims of it being a mysterious disease.


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