ABS-CBN drew flak from Netizens for “hoax” report

prayforabscbnAfter the Department of Health confirmed that the alleged mysterious skin disease in an ABS-CBN report were just cases of Leprosy and Psoriasis, netizentiments again went high on social media.

With the report going viral on Twitter and Facebook causin some panic and fear, netizens vent out their disappointments and disgusts on ABS-CBN news after verifying that the report is a “hoax”.

On twitter, netizens tweeted #PrayForABSCBN and #PrayForBetterJournalism as their way on calling for professionalism in gathering news reports. Many got angry because of the fear and panic it caused, which should not be the case if there is there has been thorough research on the subject. Others even called for ABS-CBN news to issue an apology while others just made humour out of it.

Here are some of the netizentiments from hastags #PrayForABSCBN and #PrayForBetterJournalism.


Last night in Bandila, they aired a follow-up report regarding the “mysterious disease” wherein they already qualify it as cases of leprosy and psoriasis. They even get statements from different DOH staffs in the area to clarify the matter. And although they didn’t issue a direct apology, one of its anchors Julius Babao said that the 1st report was not meant to lay fear or panic to people, they just want to tell the story they gathered regarding the subject.


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