How the Lego computer keyboard was created?

Who wouldn’t love Lego? Every man or even woman dreamed and wanted to have this small pieces of toy during their childhood. But what if there’s a Lego component in your workplace, isn’t more wonderful and exciting? And yes it’s possible with the creation of the Lego keyboard.

Lego keyboard was a long-time project of Jason Alleman, a self confessed Lego afficionado. He started the project in 2005 but for some reason he shelved it until he revived it last year. According to Alleman two of his biggest challenge in completing the project was “creating a frame that allowed the keys to be precisely spaced above the membrane” and “finding appropriate printed tiles for all the symbols on a keyboard” but fortunately he was able to hurdle those. And now he already completed his Lego keyboard and is working quite good.

Below is the video of how the Lego was created.

As a Lego enthusiast also, I would really love to have this kind of computer keyboard also. Hope it will be available in the market soon.


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