OPMFriday presents Gabi by Kian Dionisio

As part of the community of SoundCloud Philippines, I got the opportunity to hear great musicians and their original works-of-art first hand. Music that inspires, music that uplifts and music that tells different story based on the emotions and or experiences of the artists. And having heard most of their songs made me feel how lucky we are Filipinos for the astounding gift of sound and musicality which make me proud and at the same time hopeful that OPM will again dawn to its golden years.

For this OPMFriday, I am featuring one of Kian Dionisio’s originals, Gabi. This song is one of the most covered songs in SCPhils mainly because of the greatness it depicts, lyrics and music wise. I cannot count how many SCPhils members made their own covers of this song and I am hoping that one day I will be able also to sing this song.

For more of his songs, visit his Soundcloud account at https://soundcloud.com/kian-dionisio.

You can also visit SoundCloud Philippines official Facebook Page to know and hear more of SCPhils wonderful and upcoming great OPM artists. Enjoy!


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