Nielson Pangan of UP is 2013 BAR Exam Topnotcher

nielsonpanganThe Supreme Court of the Philippines has released today its list of Bar exam passers for 2013.

In a press conference at the Supreme Court, 2013 Bar Exam Committee Chairman Associate Justice Arturo Brion announced the names of the top 10 Bar exam passers and leading the pack is University of the Philippines graduate Nielson G. Pangan who got a grade of 85.8%. Gangan is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of BS. Business Administration major in Legal Management in New Era University in 2008 and graduated Law at the University of the Philippines in 2013. He is currently working as an Associate in Migallos and Luna Law office.

Out of 5,292 examinees 1,174 or 22.18% passed the Bar exam. Assoc. Justice Brion said the passing grade for this year’s BAR was lowered to 73% as agreed by the court.

Following Nielson Pangan is another UP Law graduate Mark Oyales and an Ateneo Law Graduate Diana Wilwayco. On 3rd place is University of Batangas’ Rudy Oreta followed by Eden Mopia of UP on 4th place and placing top 5 is Tercel Mercado-Gephart of University of San Carlos.

Here’s the complete list of Top 10 Bar Exams Passers of 2013.

1. Nielson Pangan (University of the Philippines) – 85.80%
2. Mark Oyales (University of the Philippines) – 85.45%
Dianna Wilwayco (Ateneo De Manila University)
3. Rudy Oreta (University of Batangas) – 84.20%
4. Eden Mopia (University of the Philippines) – 84.05%
5. Tercel Mercado-Gephart (University of San Carlos) – 83.90%
6. Manuel Sarausad (University of Cebu) – 83.80%
7. Katrine Suyat (San Beda University) – 83.75%
8. Michael Tiu Jr. (University of the Philippines) – 83.70%
9. Marjorie Fulgueras (Ateneo De Manila University) – 83.65%
10. Cyril Arnesto (University of the Philippines) – 83.60%

For complete list of 2013 Bar Exam Passers click here.

*Photo taken from Migallos & Luna offices website


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