Tips to get energized and battle tiredness

tired-man-airport-deThere are those days when we feel so sleepy and tired in our work or even in home. And it’s very hard to battle the feeling that we resort to just sleep it away or concentrate on some activity just to remove the feeling of sleepiness and tiredness.

I am a regular reader of Reader’s Digest, and in one instance that I am browsing their website I saw this tips on how to get energized and battle sleepiness.

Here are the 9 tips on how we can get energize and remove the feeling of tiredness.

1. Tell yourself you’re not tired.
Convince yourself that you’re not tired, cause the more you succumb to the thought of you being so tired the more you’ll going to be tired and feel heavy.
2. Don’t hit snooze.
This is a common practice for everyone. We set alarm on a specific time when we should wake up but we always tend to just hit the snooze button and keep on lying down. Make it a practice to wake-up on the time you set and forget the snooze function.
3. Ignore your cravings.
Say no to tempting foods which causes you to exert a lot of energy in digestion, it will only leave you more inactive and tiresome. Always choose the right balance of foods.
4. Alternate physical and mental activity.
Do not be pre-occupied with one activity the whole time. If you work 8 hours a day and the whole day you’re just sitting and staring at your desktop computer you’ll feel so much tired and stressed. Try to have a walk or streching once in a while, it will help you improve your alertness.
5. Drink your caffeine in the AM.
Coffee is a common companion during breakfast. Caffeine in the morning helps you to be more alert as it contains stimulant that blocks the chemical adenosine.
6. But swear off caffeine after lunch.
While it is advisable to have your morning coffee, refrain from taking it on the afternoon or dinner. Doing so will prevent you from having good night sleep as it works 8-10 hours after intake.
7. Get outside.
It maybe ironic since this are list of tips on how to battle tiredness, but exercise stimulates alertness in our brain. A little walk outside with the sunlight can help battle the feeling of sleepiness because it blocks the production of melatonin which is the main trigger hormone for feeling sleepy.
8. Power nap if you’re driving.
Driving, really is one tiring activity which causes one to be sleepy. If you’re driving and you feel sleepy, try to get power nap first before proceeding. It will refresh your mind and will regain your energy so you will have safe journey.
9. Avoid intense workouts.
While exercise can wake up our muscles and senses, rigorous and intense exercises might not help. If you’re tired and sleepy try to reduce the intensity of and the duration of your regular workout.

*Taken from Reader’s Digest website

*Photo from Google images


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