Canada wins 2014 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

pyromusicallogoAfter 6 weeks of totally spectacular pyromusical competition, winners of 2014 Philippine International Pyromusical winners have been announced.

Staged again at the Mall of Asia Seaside in Pasay City, the annual Pyromusical Competition again attracts large numbers of people and pyromusical enthusiasts. The last country to present as a competitor last night was USA’s Atlas Pyro Vision. Meanwhile Philippines’ Platinum Fireworks showcased another crowd favorite pyromusical exhibition as a closing presentation.

Following their 1st runner-up finish last year, Canada was declared as this year’s winner. Royal Pyrotechnie of Canada was able to showcase an awesome, jaw dropping presentation worthy of this year’s trophy.

China’s Liuyang New Year Fireworks for the 2nd year in a row won 1st runner-up  and last year’s winner United Kingdom’s Jubilee Fireworks was declared 2nd runner-up.

Other countries who joined this years competition were:

Australia (Howard and Sons Fireworks)
Spain (Brunchu Pyro Experience)
France (Brezac Artifices)
Japan (Tamaya Kitahara)
Germany (Vulcan Europe)
Finland (Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.)
USA (Atlas Pyro Vision)


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