10 years of iBlog and how blogging evolved

iblog10a10 years of something is always a milestone worth celebrating, especially to an organization or an event which aims to inspire and encourage people.

Last Saturday (April 5, 2014) I had the opportunity again to attend the annual iBlog summit which is celebrating their 10th year. Together with friends Nixon, Val, Dan and Gab, we trooped UP Diliman to take part in the milestone of Philippine Blogging Summit. We arrived at the Malcolm Hall of UP College of Law just in time for its start. And after finding comfortable spot at the middle row of the auditorium, its then time to listen to their notable speakers.

With the aid of my ever reliable iPad mini and Cherry Mobile phone, I started documenting iBlog’s Day 2. The whole day event gave me so much information about how blogging has transformed over the decade.

And to summarize, here are the notable speakers and the  bits and pieces of information which caught my attention. This is not to say that the others whom will not be mentioned are not notable, it’s just that the following are the ones who captured my interest.

1. Jason Bagio and the art of link building. He discussed how building links can contribute in the increase of your site traffic and how “stalking” can be a positive thing. And the most notable was, in building your online asset, one of the most important things is to have a good community and personal relationship with other bloggers.

2. Dr. Bien Nillos and how blogging can be used in furthering one’s advocacy. A former doctor to the barrio, Dr. Nillos recounted how hard it is to be a public servant especially in a community which is hardly hit by poverty. But being a doctor which according to him are “natural storytellers”, he used writing or blogging as an avenue to promote his advocacies especially in the field of health care. He also added that blogging is an extension of his clinic and that it doesn’t only educate it can also be therapeutic.

3. Genesis Reonico, on how blogging can bridge to entrepreneurship. Reonico enumerated the 3Ms in entrepreneur blogging which are Mentor, Mindset and Market. One of the most notable quotes also that day was from him “Take courage, start writing and start blogging. Inspire and touch the world one blog post at a time”

4. Howie Severino and the new tools in blogging and news gathering. He also discussed how the new media is complimenting the traditional media in terms of new gathering, how bloggers can be the news source compared to previous years’ wherein news reporters needed to go the the specific place just to get the news.

5. Chris Blanquera and what we need to know about Startups.

6. Atty. JJ Disini and our rights under the Data Privacy Act and important provisions in the Cybercrime Law.

7. And lastly, of course the lady behind iBlog, Ms. Janeth Toral who encouraged everyone to be Philippine Internet Chronicler. She also mentioned that although the “golden age” of blogging may already have passed, blogging will continue it will just evolve into new forms or new platforms.


iBlog has always been an enriching experience. For the 2 years of attending the summit, I have learned and continuously learning new things about blogging. And I will be looking forward to another year with iBlog because blogging educate, blogging inspires, and blogging is therapeutic.


“Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.” – Tom Foremski


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