Resign or Expel Petition vs “Pork Senators” : Be counted

nsMImoeWFZNErxT-556x313-noPadMonths after the success of Million People March in Luneta, Scrap Pork Network is again asking concerned Filipinos to join hands and take part in another cause that will continue the fight for justice against the PDAF scam.

In a petition  coursed through the online petition site, Scrap Pork Network asks Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Ramon Revilla Jr and Juan Ponce – Enrile to “resign immediately…because honor must be restored in the Senate”. This is after the Ombudsman has found probable cause to file plunder and graft and corruption charges against the 3 senators.

Although the 3 were still given time to file motion for reconsideration, Ombudsman’s finding of probable cause was deemed enough reason for them to have the delicadeza to step down because it’s damaging to Senate’s honor and integrity. While the petition is primarily targeted on calls for the 3 Pork Senators to step down it also calls for the Senate as an institution to expel the 3 should they refuse to resign.

As of posting, the petition has already gathered 12,376 signatures from Filipinos all over the globe. So don’t be left behind, the issue of PDAF scam is about our money, the taxes from our hard earned money. We should demand justice because we are the direct victims here. Let our voice be heard, let the 3 senators known that we want justice.

If you share the same sentiments with me and the thousand signatories, please sign the petition here and share it with your friends and families.


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