Manny Pacquiao gives Bradley his 1st loss

BlFMTGvCMAAbbym_reuters“Zero loss no more”

Manny has again made history for himself; after losing to a controversial split decision in 2012, Pacman was able to avenge himself and came out victorious in their rematch. With this win, he became he first boxer to give Timothy Bradley his first ever loss.

Days before the fight, boxing analyst are split on whose gonna win between the 2 fighters. Some are saying Manny will reclaim the title because of the urge to redeem himself while others bet on Bradley because of his current stance.

But come fight night, Manny’s determination to win was very evident. One can easily see in him the urge and hunger to win and avenge his controversial loss. Although Bradley tried to match Pacman’s speed, Pacquaio definitely outclassed Bradley in this rematch. You can see how Manny smartly prepared to win the fight. And the spirit of a champion is definitely radiating in him.

First few rounds as usual was gauging of strategies and strengths, but round 5 onwards was clearly dominated by Pacman. There were several instances when he got Bradley on the ropes with combinations of punches. He was also able to somehow outbalanced Bradley but not enough to floor him. And after 12 rounds, the judges unanimously gave the fight to Pacman thus regaining the WBO Welterweight belt. Judges scored 116-110,118-112 and 116-110 respectively.

Pacman’s win proved the world of boxing that he’s still here. Although his trademark killer instinct may not be evident anymore (by choice?) the spirit of a champion who always fights for his country is very much alive. He again has proven his greatness in the world of sports/boxing, i just hope if he’s not yet contemplating on retirement, that he concentrates on it and ONLY IT.


2 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao gives Bradley his 1st loss

  1. Nah, I would rather think of either RETIRE FROM THE SPORT or just SIMPLY FOCUS ON IT (meaning, get himself away from entertainment and politics).

    But let’s face it: Pacman’s not on his prime anymore. He can’t unleash that killer instinct after his last KO win five years ago.

    Still, a win is a win. So, kudos to the ring icon. I just hope he will make better decisions in his career.


    • agree the killer instinct is definitely out on him. maybe of age or his religious beliefs has something to do with it, but as you said, a win is still a win so let’s be proud of his achivement 🙂


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