PBB released audition pictures and forms of housemates

pmSdaMPe“The most-talked about house in the Philippines has opened again”

Last Sunday, Philippines’ most popular home has again open its doors to the new batch of housemates. The Pinoy Big Brother house accepted 18 new housemates for its PBB All In season. And as expected, the show was widely talked about in social media, landing 10 out of 10 trending topics in the Philippines and Worldwide.

But what’s notable about the topic that trended on top of the worldwide trend is the hashtag #PBBScripted. Netizens were all out in their tirade about the show being scripted. Many  if not all are in doubt if indeed the new housemates passed the audition process basing from their profiles.

After ruling the trend, some execs of the show took twitter to air their side.

And yesterday on twitter, PBB’s official twitter account released pictures and audition forms of the current housemates, probably to dispel people’s doubt of the show being scripted.

pbbmaris pbbjayme pbbjoshua pbb5th pbbaxel pbbloisa pbbnicole pbbchevin pbbjacob pbbmanolo pbb4th

Anyways, scripted or not, it’s still an entertainment show. No network or producer will gamble on a show that will not rate and will not attract viewers. And in every entertainment show every person involve whether it is a “reality show” needs to have character to put life to it and to add value for people’s entertainment. Television shows are business and they will not be able to market it if they will just get anybody to be part of it.

*photos taken from PBB Official Twitter account


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