Spinnr PH brings top OPM artist in SYNC: Music + Technology 2014 conference

IMG_2409Music has always been a part of every people’s lives. I too, use music as a source of inspiration and relief. But with this fast changing world, everything evolves in form and in consumption and it’s the same with music.

With the birth of the digital age, music also evolves from the vinyl records to the current digital formats. And that is the challenge that music industry players are facing right now, how to adapt to music’s digitization.

Last April 26 together with some of my friends, we attended Spinnr Indie’s SYNC: Music + Technology 2014. The forum held at Black Market in Makati, brought some of the top OPM artists to talk about technology’s role in creating and distributing music to the people. Present in the event were Francis “Brew” Reyes who talked about the difficulties he hurdled in creating music through softwares, Barbie Almalbis and the stompbox which aid her every live performances and The Voice PH’s Lee Grane talked about how social media and technology can be use to bolster the artists and their music’s audience reach.




Because of this challenge in music going digital, several music apps were introduced to cater not only the music consumer but also the music creators. And that is what Spinnr Indie would like to do, to help budding music artist in distributing their masterpieces. Spinnr being the Philippines’ prime music streaming and downloading site created this Spinnr Indie program to help independent music artist in reaching their target audiences and consumers.

Music artist can submit their works to the Spinnr Indie program, they just need to accomplished some requirements, and Spinnr will then help them in distributing their music.

Technology really plays a big part in changing the landscape of every aspect of our lives and that includes music. And it’s really up for the music industry players to match the fast-paced evolution of technology.


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