Santiago, Escudero, AP Cayetano, Honasan, Abad part of Napolist says Lacson

bandilawithlacsonAfter DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima came out saying alleged PDAF Scam queen Janet Napoles has already spoken in a “tell-all” meeting and gave her the list of government officials she dealt with, people became eager to know what the list contains.

Added to the budding new drama was the claims of former Sen. Ping Lacson and Sandra Cam that they too have another version of the Napolist which they will going to made public once they see De Lima’s list sanitized. Because of the confusion on which is which among the list, netizens are getting more and more curious and are clamoring for De Lima to show the list once and for all.

But last night (May 12, 2014, Monday) in a live interview with ABS-CBN’s Bandila, former Senator Ping Lacson bares some of the names of gov’t official he knew was on the Napolist. Asked by Bandila anchors Ces Drilon, Julius Babao and Karen Davila, Lacson said Yes to some of the names in the question “Are they on the list?” Among the Senators named by Lacson were his erstwhile nemesis Sen. Miriam Santiago, Sen. Chiz Escudero, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, and Sen. Gringo Honasan. Lacson was also asked if DBM Sec. Butch Abad was on the list and he said “Yes”.

Meanwhile, asked whether he will made the list he has to be public, he said “No”, because it’s Mrs. Napoles duty to made that list public because she is the one who started it all.

With this revelation, the PDAF drama gets more puzzling yet interesting. We all know that this whole PDAF scam thing originated from the confession of Benhur Luy backed by documents from the COA special report on the use of PDAF. If the list of names barred by Lacson is true, how come they were not included in the COA report? Could it be that Napoles had some legal dealings with Senators PDAF before? Or COA made some error in that report?


4 thoughts on “Santiago, Escudero, AP Cayetano, Honasan, Abad part of Napolist says Lacson

  1. Kung anumang listahan hawak ni Lacson at ni De Lima ay dapat lang mapa sa publiko. Kung may epikto man ito sa credibilidad ng Senado tanggapin nila. Dapat lang na maparusahan ang maysala kung mapapatunayan. Dude Rojan ayos itong site mo. Very cool ang dating at puno ng makabuluhang panulat mo!

    Bakit ganito ito dude Rojan. Kahit comment section kontrolado ng

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