Google introduces Spell Up, an interactive English spelling game

We all know that English is currently the universal language of the world. Some are even gauging people’s intelligence in their fluency and eloquence in speaking this language. While Filipinos were blessed to be tagged as one of the most proficient English speakers, there are still rooms for improvements. And Google finds an interactive way for us to improve our English speaking skills.

Yesterday, Google introduced a new game called Spell Up. Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment aimed at helping the players to improve their English speaking skills by spelling certain words given by the computer.

According to Google’s blog about Spell Up, The goal of the game is to correctly spell the words you hear and stack them to build the highest word tower you can—letter by letter, word by word. The higher the tower gets, the more difficult the word challenges: You’ll be asked to pronounce words correctly, solve word jumbles and guess mystery words. You can earn bonuses and coins to level up faster.”

Spell Up is a great game for people who wanted to be more fluent in speaking the English language. It can also be a great help for teachers teaching English because of its interactive nature that kids would love. Spell up works in PC’s and Android phones and tablets.

So if you want to try this new game go to this link and enjoy learning English.


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