Sonny Angara bares his PDAF allocation from 2004-2013

After coming out of different alleged Napoles list in the media, many names, old and new ones were dragged to the controversial Pork Barrel Scam. In the latest list submitted today by DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima to the Senate, 12 Senators (both previous  and incumbent), 3 Cabinet officials and many Congressmen and government agency heads were listed as those who benefited from the scam. The list was signed and thumb marked by no less than the pork barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles.

De Lima’s list, was somehow similar to that of Lacson, except the hand written names. One of those hand written names includes, Cong. Angara – APO. It is not clear whether it is former Aurora Rep. and now Senator Sonny Angara since is has a suffix of “APO”. And because of that Sen. Sonny Angara immediately took twitter to bare his PDAF records from 2004-2013.

Angara was the first legislator to have voluntarily made public his PDAF records, since the PDAF scam broke. Other Senators dragged into the controversy all denied the allegations via privilege speeches but none have made their PDAF records public. I just hope this action by Sen. Angara will create precedence to others or even all the legislators to make their PDAF records also public. In that way we will know who were the ones who are hiding something.

Below is the scribbed documents of Angara’s PDAF allocation records from 2004-2013.


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