Sen. Chiz Escudero published his PDAF records

Following the move of Sen. Sonny Angara to make his PDAF Allocation records public, another Senator followed suit. Sen. chiz Escudero, who is one of those tagged in the Lacson and De Lima’s Napolist as pork barrel scam beneficiaries, published in his website his PDAF Allocation summary. This is to debunked Napole’s claims (on her list) that the Senator received money or have dealt with Napoles in the past.

Escudero repeatedly denied any connections with Napoles and any of her NGOs with regards to his PDAF allocations. In a statement also published on his website he said this coming up of multiple list is “designed to delay, mess up and subvert authorities in pinning down the real culprit of this PDAF shenanigan”. He also added that none of the PDAF whistle blowers including Benhur Luy tagged or named him as one of the PDAF scam players. He also mentioned that he was not even tagged in the COA special report on PDAF allocation.

With all the confusions going on with regards to the different list released in media, the Senator urged the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee to summon again Janet Napoles along with former Sen. Ping Lacson and Sandra Cam to once and for all set the record straight so as not to maligned names of people which really have nothing to do with the scam.

Below is the copy of Sen. Chiz Escudero’s PDAF Allocation Summary as published in his website.


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