PBB All in 2nd batch of nominees announced

After Chevin was voted to be evicted and Cess’ force eviction yesterday, another set of housemate is in danger of leaving the Pinoy Big brother house next week. Today, the second batch of housemates for eviction was announced in a live show hosted by Toni Gonzaga.

This week 3 types of nominees were announced, automatic nominees, BBN nominee and the regular housemate nominee. Axel Torres, Manolo Pedrosa and Alex Gonzaga were given the automatic nomination by Big Brother for committing several violations in the house. For the BBN nomination, Aina Solano garnered the highest percentage of vote from the public thus making her part of the nominees for eviction this week. And for the regular housemate nomination, housemates voted for the De Lasalle spiker Michelle Gumabao. Michelle gets the highest number of votes from her co-housemates thus endagering her of leaving the house come eviction day.


Although Alex was given the automatic nomination, she is not elligible for voting since she is just a celebrity guest housemate. Those elligible for voting this week were just the other nominees Axel, Manolo, Aina and Michelle. Voting for the housemates to be saved started after the show until next Saturday.


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