SoundCloud Philippines Turns One

“Ito ang awit at kuwento ng buhay ko, Isang kanta na inaalay ng aking puso,Ito ang musikang dumadaloy sa’king dugo, Ito ang bagong tunog na handog ko sa mundo”

This is just some of the lines in the song Bagong Tunog created by Jerome Cleofas which eventually adapted as the official theme song of the SoundCloud Philippines Community. This song really summed up how it all started and what really SoundCloud Philippines is.

SoundCloud Philippines started as a small group in May 2013 when Jan Li Masangya thought of having a group that can be an avenue of friendships and collaborations for all Filipino SoundClouders. It was originally named as SoundCloud Chillout on Facebook and Line Chat, but after several months, the group eventually grew faster than expected thus the need to change it to SoundCloud Philippines which became the official name of the community up to now.

Talking to Jan Li over a chat on Facebook, he recounted how he started the community from a small group of people. He also shared how he was able to recruit members through the help of his fellow SoundClouder friends.

“My most memorable experience is creating SoundCloud Chillout that later become known as Official SoundCloud Philippines. I initially thought that soundcloud is just a recording app and I was just trippin and goofing whilst recording my talking and singing voice. As an OFW Nurse in London, singing is my secret passion and my effective means to de-stress. I then noticed people started following me in the app and was pleasantly surpised that I can also hear their songs. My first idols in SC are the Original SOUNDCLOUDERS + J (Rome John, Ichan, Celsmaca, Judith, Iona, Gold, Josh, DJ Doods, Charles and Jordst). They inspired me to form #SCChillout (a secret group) and to HUNT all of my other SoundCloud idols and put them in one place where I [hope] can get to know them even more and meet them personally when I get home.” – Jan Li

“My initial recruits, (my first friends in the app) Sitti, Jennica, AC Dabu to name a few, managed to help me recruit a lot more members! We started small because it’s a secret group and I can say that it was a good move because we managed to add avid SoundClouders first, and mostly people that we listen to in the app. I tried adding celebrities as well in the group and my first celebrity member is from La Salle, Mr. Miguel Mendoza (Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 2nd Runner-Up).” he added.

Last weekend (May 17-18, 2014), I had the opportunity to be part of the SCPhils one year anniversary celebration. Held at the Villa Del Prado beach resort in Sariaya, Quezon, some 100+ SCPhils members took their time off and travel from different parts of the Metro, opps sorry, different parts of the country (as some came from Bicol, Baguio, and the farthest Zamboanga City) to be one in celebrating this historic feat for SCPhils.


It was an overwhelming feeling being in one event with people I admire and look-up to when it comes to music. Imagine celebrating SCPhils’ 1 year with my friends and the popular members like Kiko Salazar, Timmy Pavino, Jason Dy, Chir Cataran, Volts Vallejo, Anica Ordan, Keiko Necesario, Kennard Faraon and of course Doctonton (hehe), I can really say I am very fortunate to become part of this community. I remember when I first created my SoundClound account, it was just out of curiosity and some “envy” I think, because I saw that one of my friends has it. My first uploads were my recordings in some of the videoke sessions with friends and some raw covers. During that time, I’m just happy listening to those great Pinoy SoundClouders because I really am amazed with their talents. If I remember right some of the first people I have listened to were Josh Geronimo, Celsmaca, Sarci, and Rome John. Listen here, comment there, that’s how it goes then, until I had constant conversation with June Guzman (he was not SoundWorth yet then). Our series of conversations led to my inclusion to the group. For some reason, Kuya June added me first in the Line Chat before I got officially added to the Facebook group, and the rest was history.

Back to the anniversary celebration, that day was full of different fun activities. Although I wasn’t able to mingle with everybody (introvert shield is activated hehe), I stayed observant to every happenings. I was awed by the “Battle of the Rooms” sing-off. Hearing those jamming sessions between 2 groups of talented people is like going to a concert for free. I was so proud hearing them because I know Pinoy Music industry will have a great future with these pool of talents. The bonfire activity was also a memorable one. We got to bond in the beach with some sing-along activity too. But the most memorable of course was the “Team Laklak” session. Bonding with friends over a drink is really something special hehe.


Memories and Controversies

SoundCloud Philippines’ 1 year was not at all times smooth sailing. In a span of 1 year, the community already had shares of mishaps, controversies and frustrations. There was that issue on “posers”, people who pretended to be someone but they are not. I don’t know if it’s healthy to name names, but for the sake of fairness I will just leave it anonymous since everyone or almost everyone in the community knows about that story. I will not forget that phase, because it made us more closer and it also tapped our investigative skills. Can you imagine, a group of individuals from different lines of profession instantly became “detectives” and “intelligence agents” just to solve that “poser” problem. Thanks to agent AC, she was able to hook the crook. That only proves we’re a united community that will do everything and anything to protect one another. And there were also some other problems that again the community victoriously weathered. As they say, the family that unitedly stays together, can weather any storm together.

But for the good memories, there were a lot. I was fortunate to talk to some of the admins of SCPhils and asked them what is it that they will not forget about the community’s 1 year of existence and here are what they have to say.

“[I mean] the LOVE i have for this group has grown to a MASSIVE immeasurable proportion. I really OWE JanLi  the biggest HAPPINESS in my life. and Jr Pascua who added me to this group after hearing my raw covers pa. I shall forever be in debt. SCPhils is no longer just a family to me, it is a PART of my existence now.” – Iko Tan

“It was August 2013, when we had our first grand meetup. It was also the day when I first sang “Bagong Tunog” live in front of the members. That was the time when the Admins announced that the song I wrote will be the group’s theme song. It was the first time that a whole bunch of people I rarely [know] dropped all the things they were doing and listened to the song that they barely knew. By the third chorus, they were already singing along. And after the song, I got a standing ovation for the first time in my life.” – Jerome Cleofas

“Most memorable moment ko, medyo gasgas na pero di ko talaga makalimutan eh, the day we released the audio for 1x1x54. Naalala ko mga 3-4 in the morning yun pero andaming nag stay up all night sa sobrang excited and at the time I had never met even a single person from SCPhils, so mga strangers talaga. And yet sobrang bait nila sakin, lalo na si Rome na sobrang nageffort para iedit yun. Tas nung Dec. 28 finally nameet ko na sila, and I was expecting people just to say hi, but they hugged me like a long-lost friend. Aw, the feels di talaga ako masyadong clingy nor affectionate sa friends, at lalong hindi ako crybaby, pero binago ng SCPhils lahat yun ahahaha” – Paola Lozare

“My memorable moments in the group aren’t specifically tied to a particular event we held, rather it’s the day to day interaction I get to have with the members in the group. #SCPhils has been a new home for me, a second family where I got to meet new brothers and sisters in music. The demographics is so wide that you get to wonder how in the world these men and women from various background, age group, region and profession could come together and cohesively thrive as one. Thanks to #SCPhils, I got to meet one of the most intelligent people, most talented voices, and most caring friends. I’m not surprised if the friendships formed here will be passed on even to the next generations, and generations after that.” – CK Espanol

“For me the most memorable experience [for me] was the time I was introduced as the fourth admin. Kinakabahan kasi ako nun kasi alam kong malaking responsibility yung adminship. Pero as time passed, naramdaman ko yung passion ng bawat isa towards music and camaraderie so i learned to embrace it. I knew from the start that this group is gonna be big. I also remember the time na I added you ron sa line chat, nauna ka pa ngang na add sa line kesa sa group! hahahahaha” – June Guzman

My memorable moments happen every time I meet them personally, get to hang out with them, laugh with them, see pictures on my wall, posts of members you can never imagine wouldn’t be friends because of #SCPhils. This group has indeed made my world smaller through Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, Skype, Line, WeChat & Oovoo. I still can’t believe I now got friends as close as my family from London, Singapore, Kuwait, United States, Dubai, Italy, Canada, Japan, etc, and even locally in Baguio, Davao, Cebu and many more. This group has made a difference in making these social networking sites even more useful. When I think about SoundCloud Philippines, I thought of the greatest blessing God has given my music career. Helped me a lot in developing my skills, get more inspired by these people, be more thankful and appreciate a lot of things in life. To be honest, this family changed me, made me inspired to show the best of who I am.” – Cian Garcia

“Building the leadership team of #SCPhils is very memorable for me, mostly these are the people who I felt got the biggest heart in the group and who are not just into fame and popularity. It’s a journey when you don’t know them personally and then you’ll get to try to work with them. I admit that it wasn’t easy but it’s also not impossible. I can finally say now that the Admin Team is stronger and more efficient than ever, and we really treated each other as brothers and sisters.  Managing the group overseas is like having a long distance relationship. #SCPhils is in my system and I really care and think of it every minute of everyday. My most memorable experience is yet to happen and that is when I finally get to go home after 3 years and meet my soundcloud idols and feel the love and awesomeness of this family!” – Jan Li Masangya

SoundCloud Philippines is indeed not only a community or group of singers and musicians but rather it is a family of people sharing the same passion for music and are ready to help each other in achieving everyone’s dream. It is not only about showcasing one’s musical talent but also discovering different skills and abilities to enhance what is already given. A family that’s always there to support, a family that’s always there to give a chance and hope and a family that will not stop in sharing their passion for music across the globe. And as I have always said, we are One Country, under One Cloud, singing One Sound because we are the only One Soundcloud Philippines.

Anniversary Greetings

During the event, I also had the opportunity to get some anniversary greetings from the members and was fortunate also to got hold (thru chat) of our global SCPhils members, and here’s what they have to say:

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So, if you want to know more about the SCPhils community and you want to listen to all great Pinoy Soundclouders, you can visit the community’s official Facebook page at SoundCloud Philippines and its official SoundCloud account at SCphils.


*Photo by Djhey Salonga


“Be amazed, be proud, Pinoy music is so much alive!”


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