4 Laguna Congressmen tagged in Napolist

The revelation continues. After naming Senators in her previous list, some 100 Congressmen are now tagged in the Napolist. Among the 100, 4 (both previous and incumbent) Congressmen of the 3 districts of Laguna were named.

Former 1st District Rep. Uliran Joaquin, 4th Districts’ late Rep. Rodolfo “Boying” San Luis and current Rep. Bejamin “Benjie Agarao” and 2nd District Congressman Joaquin “Jun” Chipeco were listed in the latest list of Pork Barrel Scam beneficiaries according to latest affidavit submitted by Janeth Napoles to the Senate. So “lucky” for the people of 3rd District at least their Congressman/woman were not named.

Based on the list Agarao dealt with Napoles through an agent named Catherine Mae Canlas Santos, while Joaquin Chipeco has Arman Padilla. Uliran Joaquin coursed through Alice Navales Villanueva and the late Rodolfo San Luis also with Arman Padilla. It’s so sad that among the 4 named Congressmen San Luis is the only one who cannot defend himself personally because he already passed away.

Here’s the complete list of the 100 Congressmen named by Napoles.

napoles-congressmen-page1napoles-congressmen-page2-v2napoles-congressmen-page3Other Senators added to the list

Meanwhile aside from the 12 senators previously mentioned by Napoles, added some more previous Senators in the list. The former Senators mentioned on her affidavit were Rodolfo Biazon, Loi Estrada, Robert Jaworski, Ramon Magsaysay, Lito Lapid, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Tessie Aquino Oreta, Aquinilo Pimentel, and Cynthia Villar (when she was Las Pinas Representative).

Although these were all coming from Napoles, this does not guarantee yet the truth until she provides supporting documents in court to prove it. As for now this is “the truth” according to Janet Napoles

*Photos from Philstar.com


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