Donaire vows for a rematch after winning against Vetyeka

It was a bitter sweet victory. That is how I can characterized Nonito Donaire’s win over Simpiwe Vetyeka. And that is also what Donaire is implying after getting the WBA Featherweight belt via unanimous technical decision.


Donaire who now shares the prestige of being part of the elite fighters who earned 5 titles in 5 different boxing weight class immediately announced his intention for a rematch because he wanted to bring definitive closure to his fight against Vetyeka. In an interview just after the fight he apologized to all his fans for ending the fight that way. The fight was stopped by the referred just before the 5th round start because of the big cut on Donaire’s eye caused by an accidental headbutt as early as round 2. Although he managed to continue with the cut and blood continuously flowing in his eyes and face, it was after the 4th round the they decided to stop because he’s having hard time to see on his right side. That prompted the referee to stop the fight and collect judges score cards where Donaire was unanimously declared as the winner.

It should have been one great fight should it lasted a little longer. Donaire was so determined to win the fight, evident by Vetyeka’s knockdown on the 3rd round. He was able to prove that he can sustain his “killing instinct” despite climbing the weight class. With his 5 titles on different divisions, Donaire seemed really following the path of Manny Pacquiao. And I think it will not be impossible for him seeing how he’s determined to do it. The realization of it is what we should look out in the future. And I just hope that he will only follow Manny’s footsteps in boxing and not in any other fields which he should not be in.

*Photos from Google Images


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